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New York City Visit and Photos

I finally caught up on all the photos I took while visiting New York City last week. Here’s the main batch with the usual assortment of street art, buildings and urban scenes. I also put together a small set of New York City standpipes in the tradition of my ongoing obsession with utility fixtures.

Green and Red Standpipes

And here’s another whole set of photos from my pocket camera (also the only wideangle I had with me), which includes more snapshots around the city.

The highlight of the trip was also the main reason I was there, the NYU Medical School graduation. It’s still hard to believe that my sister is now a doctor! The graduation ceremony itself was quite good, with some inspiring speeches, and the celebration afterward continued late into the night with a lot of happy new M.Ds.

And with any trip to New York, there was plenty of delicious and varied food (and drink) every day. I also made it to the Whitney Museum to catch the Whitney Biennial on a rainy afternoon. The amount of new art packed into the space was overwhelming, especially for someone like me who enjoys reading the full descriptions of nearly every piece (with contemporary art it’s almost a requirement in order to understand what’s going on). There was also a collection of early Maplethorpe polaroids. It was fun seeing a new photographer’s experiments in the instant-photo medium of the day, much like we all play with digital these days.

Until my next visit, thanks for the continued good times, New York!