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The Two Dollar Homepage is for Sale Again!

It has been a year since the Two Dollar Homepage was started, and that means it’s time to sell again! For just $2, you can get a full year of exposure on the Two Dollar Homepage, promoting whatever you’d like. That’s much cheaper than the alternative, if it were even still available. And the best […]

How common is your name?

Have you ever wondered how common the name, Jed Scattergood is? No? Well, it ain’t too common. only knows of 1 person with that name. Although the last name Scattergood is actually more common than I would have guessed. It’s more common than Lovendale, Dalasta, Drott, Favuzza, Langager, and nearly as common as Salway. […]

A few changes around the old site

I decided it was time for a few changes (hopefully improvements) around here. I figured a persistent navigation was a novel idea and might actually add some continuity to the rest of the site. I know there are some bugs. I forgot how much I loved tracking down weird CSS inconsistencies on seemingly-identical pages and […]

Santorum keeps on Spreading

Last weekend I attended The Stranger‘s Hump 2 screening (which was amusing, frightening, funny, disgusting and jaw-dropping all at the same time), and I chatted briefly with Dan Savage. He mentioned his little pet project, which I had worked on, and he said it was featured on the Daily Show not too long ago. […]

Facebook Frenzy

The latest fury over the Facebook redesign and new features has quickly grown to ridiculous proportions. To catch up on the latest happenings, here’s the Techcrunch summary on the new features. And the follow-up about the outrage, with some clear explanations of the ridiculousness. Another good summary of the whole ordeal is available here. The […]

Google Working on Flash Games?

Like some people with personal websites or weblogs, I have my resume sitting on my site, just hanging out. Every once in a long while I’ll get a recruiter who stumbles across it as they’re doing searches. I received this in an e-mail the other day: I am a recruiter looking for some top talent […]

A Week with Bloglines

I’ve now been using Bloglines almost exclusively for over a week, for my weblog checking and reading. For ages now I’ve been using this static bookmark page as my homepage and I’ve still been hitting the various sites directly to check for updates and read new posts. My original plan for the page (as the […]

How Red is the Redfin Fin?

In my Techcrunch party write-up the other day, I pondered a bit about the profitability of the various startups around. I’ve chatted a bit more with some friends about Redfin in particular, and how well their model of selling houses online is going to fare. I ran across this blog post, actually written just before […]

Techcrunch Web 2.0 Party write-up

Last night, my friend Darren and I attended the TechCrunch Seattle Web 2.0 Party. The event was sponsored by local startups: Redfin, Farecast, and TripHub. It was the expected shmooze-fest of young, un-profitable new businesses, established big-guns chatting and hinting at their grand plans, and plenty of regular folk all wanting a piece of the […]

How many monkeys does it take to write the web?

Continuing the discussion on social networks and user-contributed content, I started writing this as a comment on Alex’s post but it got long enough I decided to bring it over here as it’s own post… In response to this article about the contributors to Wikipedia, Alex makes the point that Carr’s split of numbskulls vs. […]

Happy 500 Posts!

This marks the 500th post on this weblog. It seems fitting that it’s exactly 6 years to the month from when I first started writing this crap on the web. This didn’t really start as a weblog as we now know it, but it still had the same idea. I’ve even still got an old […]

Pumping Iron for the Lord

A few days ago I checked my website stats and noticed that my top referrer was for a body-building site. I couldn’t figure out why in the world I was getting all of these hits. After digging into the lovely ABC Body-Building, I found that on the forum entrance page, one of the main forum […]

Ego-crawling: How Popular is Your Name?

I’ve got to give a lot of credit to one of the search marketing brains at for a really interesting idea. We’ve recently rolled out some pages listing People Name Popularity. It’s currently limited to a very few names as an initial test, but the ultimate result would be a large directory of names, […]

The Uber Google Bombs

Google bombing has been a fun pasttime for troublemakers and pranksters trying to get certain search words or phrases to return humorous and ironic results on Google. I’ve been involved with one wildly successful campaign, and have gotten some good laughs at others. I started wondering what some of the most highly-linked phrases on the […]

Idea: Bookmark Reminders

When I find something particularly interesting while surfing the web, I often it, or bookmark it in my browswer. The problem is that I’m really bad about referring back to these two places. If I’ve just bookmarked a new weblog or news site that will continue to have interesting content in the future, I […]