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Bowling advertising on lopolis

I clearly sold out my blog a while ago, but it still caught me by surprise when I checked my last post and saw this big honkin’ thing at the bottom: Google has done display ads for a while, and it’s also no secret that my most-traffic-getting popular blog post on bowling team names is […]

High School Reunions are Weird

A little late on the posting here, but a couple weekends ago I flew back to Connecticut to attend my 10-year high school reunion in a whirlwind of a trip. It was the shortest trip back East I’ve done (flew out Friday, flew back Sunday), and I don’t think I want to do it again […]

5 years in Seattle

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been living in Seattle for 5 years now. I drove out here from Connecticut in July of 2002 without much of a plan, but it has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made. In my time here, I’ve worked a few different odd jobs but […]

Interaction Design of a Wedding Invitation RSVP

I received a lovely invitation to a friend’s wedding the other day. It was very formal, as expected, with the typical “Mr. and Mrs. so-and-so request your presence at…” language. And then I came to this RSVP card: What’s the correct way to fill this out? I figured out that the “M____” line is to […]

How do you describe what you do?

This is an actual conversation I’ve had a couple times: Them: “What do you do for work?” Me: “I’m a Program Manager at a web company.” Them: “Oh, so you’re a Manager.” Me: “No, not exactly.” Them: “Then you’re a Programmer.” Me: “Not exactly. I’m actually more like a…” At that point I’d often try […]

Ignite Seattle part Deux

Last Tuesday (wow, the week has flown by), I attended the second Ignite Seattle event at CHAC. Much like last time the event was packed and full of geek energy. I got there towards the end of the egg-launching contest, and didn’t get to see much because of the crowds, but was able to see […]

Kicking off the Two-Double-Oh-Seven

Happy belated New Year! I had a great holiday back home in CT and returned to a busy Seattle, just as I left it. So far, work has been… interesting… There are plenty of people and things to catch up with… an exciting Seahawks playoff game… getting stuck in Snoqualmie Pass traffic trying to go […]

5 Facts That Not Many People Know About Me

I don’t usually hop on these memes, but I’ve been tagged and certainly don’t want to be the one to break this modern day chain letter. The name of the game is to list 5 interesting/odd/unique things about yourself that most people may not know. 1. I play (or at least know how to play) […]

Pet Peeve: E-mail is not Instantaneous

I just received a phone call from an external party that I’ve been working with on a project. It started off like this: Him: “Hi Chase, do you have a couple minutes to chat?” Me: “Yeah, sure.” Him: “OK, excellent. I have a question for you. Here, I’m sending you an e-mail with a couple […]

Personal Finance and Money Blogs

I’ve never been great at saving or managing my money. But in the past couple years I’ve finally settled into a decent job where I’m no longer living month to month, and I have a bit of money to set aside. Last Christmas my father gave me a book titled, The Lazy Person’s Guide to […]

You Know You’re No Longer in the City When

The first people to enter the restaurant after you are all wearing cowboy hats. The next couple are both wearing black leather biker chaps (non-ironically, and very non-gay). The next two guys to walk in look 16 years old and they’re in full hunting camouflage. The past two days, I drove up to the North […]

Paper or Plastic: Choose Your Environmentally-Conscious Battle

Paper of plastic? When I get to the end of the checkout line at the supermarket, I still find myself struggling with this question. I know the real environmentally friendly answer is: bring your own bag. I would never remember to carry a set of reusable canvas shopping bags with me every time I stop […]

Superman vs. Superman

Before seeing Superman Returns this past weekend, I decided to Netflix the original Superman movie last week (Special Edition, actually, with a few extended scenes). Despite the slow pacing of the original, and the primitive effects, I still thought it held up quite well. I was a huge fan of the movies (at least the […]

Time, Money and Lawyers

Last night, for some unknown reason, my dream contained a little lesson in law and economics:  When it comes to legal matters, time, money and results are all directly proportional. I suppose it’s mostly true.  The more time and money spent on a case, the better results.  Want better results, spend more money, and your […]

The Weird Things That Work Teaches You

As with any job, there is certain knowledge you gain that you never would have gotten anywhere else. It’s part of the never-ending learning process, yadda, yadda… But what about those random bits of trivia that a job trains you with, but are also somewhat useful outside of work? In addition to the acronyms, and […]