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The Wheels on the Blog Go Round and Round

Or maybe, “The Blog in the Sky Keeps on Turnin”? Anyway, as usual I haven’t been posting too often, but my archive of old posts still get visitors from all over the place. Most of those visitors arrive here by some interesting search keywords. Some time in the past couple months I moved to the […]

String Cleaning

Another few months gone by and a whole bunch more search strings. So here we go… halo 2 – For some reason this has been steadily rising in the past months. I didn’t find my site anywhere in the first few hundred results on Google, or the first few pages of Yahoo results. I suppose […]

Super Sunday Strings

It’s been a while since I’ve written much here (Alert! Blog cliche #1: Blogging about not blogging. Blog.) So let’s get back into things with some long overdue search strings. In the past few months, here’s what we’ve got. bowling team names – January was my record month for this string. It’s now my top […]

King of the Strings

It’s time for a search string roundup from the past 3 months. There’s some exciting news to report. Starting in August, I officially have a new string at the top of my list, bringing folk to my site from search engines across the world. The “King of the Strings” is no longer “incredibles porn” but […]

A Stringy Long Tail

Another few months, and some more traffic, means more search strings bringing people here. The only real interesting development in my most popular search strings is that in June, “lopolis” is now one of my top 10 search strings. The rest are still most of the same terms as past months, which are, well… you […]

Search Stringulation

It’s been 3 or 4 months since I’ve written a search string summary. This time, something a little different. Instead of my random amusing search strings, I’m going to start with my top 5 search strings traffic-wise for the past 3 months. Not exactly the most PG-rated, but here are the totals… #1 banksy = […]

String-gle Bells

It’s that time of year where I start getting a bunch (a hundred or two) search string hits a month for “bad santa” all thanks to that Christmas party picture I posted a few years ago. Also in the past two months, in addition to the usual junk, I’ve seen these gems… sheesh – gads! […]


Some of the better search strings from the past two months… html code for you oughta know by alanis morissette – Wait, you’re coding a song? Huh? licky – boom boom list of black – a blacklist? pubic crabs jumping in peoples eyes – worst. visual. ever. silly little kid – I sure am baudrillard […]

Summer Strings

This summer has been flying by, and so has the traffic on my website. OK, not so much the latter, but nonetheless I have some random search strings from June and July to share… pixelated!! – Vectors!! a lot of interesting thoughts – Here? break up if they kiss someone else – Like, totally difference […]

Stringing me along

The months keep flying by, so here’s a round-up of the more interesting April and May search strings. As always, my search strings are rather heavy on the sexual and drinking angle, which either says something about the content of my blog, or what people typically search for on the Internet. Or both… hairy rhinocerous […]

Hanging by a String

So much to catch up on after these two crazy weeks. I’ll be back to some regular posts once I get this out of the way. Some of March’s search strings… incredibles porn – this has been at the top of my search string list for a while now, and it (and it’s variations) now […]

String me along

A measly 4 posts since I did my last search string roundup. I blame it on the short and busy month of February. And the groundhogs. Anyway, let’s just get this out of the way: chair hit – here numchuck skills – GOSH! disney’s – A ride? A themepark? Jason’s new employer? young feet […]

It’s string time again

My favorite search strings from January (my highest traffic month to date!)… chris chase taylor blog stranger – OK, this isn’t a favorite. Who’s stalking me? Thankfully, only my main site shows up. what font does jeb bush use for logo – Whaaa? you know like numchuck skills bowhunting skills computer hackin – Flippin’ sweet! […]

Stringy New Year!

December was my site’s busiest month to date (traffic-wise, not bandwidth) and I really wasn’t sure why until I looked at my search string results. The holiday season brought 199 hits for the phrase “bad santa.” A certain photo I took at a Christmas party last year is on the ninth page of Google’s image […]

Gee, Strings for Everything

Wow, I posted disappointingly few entries in the two months since I last did this. Maybe I should try picking up the blogging pace. Then again, maybe not. October and November highlights, here we go… chihuahua – the new top search string for the past two months, (244 hits for it in November!) beating out […]