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Hidden Lake Peak and the North Cascades

Hidden Lake Peak On Friday morning, I set off North towards the North Cascades National Park. My first destination was the Hidden Lake Peak trail. After a long drive up one of the narrowest dirt roads I’ve been on, I got to the trailhead. The start was at about 3000′ elevation, and the peak was at about 7000′. I started up the 4.5 mile trail shortly after 11AM. The trail started in a dense forest, still very wet from the past two days of rain. After about a mile, the trail turned up onto an open hillside, full of colorful vegetation. Criss-crossing up the trail, the view kept getting better and better. At first I thought I was headed up to the top of the peak that was directly above the hillside, but then the trail cut all the way across the valley to the other side of the mountain. The peak I was going to was much higher, and out of sight.

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Hiking to Camp Muir

This past Sunday, some friends and I decided to tackle the hike up to Camp Muir on Mt. Rainier. As I posted before, you can see exactly where we went with the arrow in the photo here. For an even better perspective of the mountain and where the camp is, this is what it looks like in 3D in Google Earth. I’ve posted a full set of photos from the trek in a Flickr set here. A true mountaineer would probably consider this an easy little jaunt, but for a casual weekend hiker like me, it was quite the exhausting day…

Mt. Rainier Panorama

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