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Trivia Team Names

As I’ve described before, our regular Monday night trivia group tries to come up with some creative names for our team. We try to stick to jokes about current events (some more tasteful than others), although not quite as pun-ny as some bowling team names. We usually get a laugh or two out of the crowd. Here are some of our recent trivia team names we’ve used, with references:

Oops I shaved it again (1)
Trimspa worked too well (1, 2)
Vote tunnel for make benefit glorious city of Seattle (1, 2)
Sanjaya 2008 (1)
I’m Larry Birkhead’s father (1)
One more drink to Boris (1)

This year’s trivia season is winding down, with only one week left, and two of our valued team members won’t be around in the fall when it starts up again. We’ve had a number of wins, eaten plenty of pizza, drank much PBR, and answered plenty of questions.

Do you know which animal on the Earth has the largest eyes?
Avogadro’s number is defined as the number of what that makes up a mole?
What’s the capital of Malaysia?

5 Facts That Not Many People Know About Me

I don’t usually hop on these memes, but I’ve been tagged and certainly don’t want to be the one to break this modern day chain letter. The name of the game is to list 5 interesting/odd/unique things about yourself that most people may not know.

1. I play (or at least know how to play) the bagpipes. I learned at Trinity College, where I joined the Trinity Pipes and Drums in it’s founding year. We performed on campus, hosted a campus Ceilidh, and marched in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Hartford, CT (in the sleet/freezing rain).

2. I have a 1 inch diameter birthmark on the inside of my left ankle. And even after all these years, I can never remember which ankle it’s on without checking.

3. In highschool I took a series of computer art classes, where I did 3D animation on some old Amiga computers. An animation of mine was accepted into SIGGRAPH 97 as part of the Student Poster and Animation Competition and Exhibition. As the only highschool entry in animation, I guess I “won” my category. I didn’t win anything except the honor of having my animation played as part of the collection loop, on a TV at a small booth just outside the exhibition hall. I attended SIGGRAPH 97 in LA (during a heat wave) that summer, and didn’t even get a free admission, although I still had a great time.

4. My parents own a Christmas tree farm in New Hartford, CT. I think it’s about 5 acres, and I spent many a summer with more than enough yard/farm work to keep me busy if I wanted. Worst job ever: Trimming the white pines in August with a heavy machete, wearing long sleeves and pants for protection.

5. Proudest moment from grade school is when I tripped the neighborhood bully as he was walking down the aisle to get off the school bus. He couldn’t catch himself and fell flat on his face in the middle of the bus, with everyone laughing. He got up, shaken, and then turned and punched me in the top of the head. I’m positive it hurt his hand much more than my head. He didn’t bother us quite as much after that.

Well, there you have it. 5 things you may or may not have known. Now it’s your turn. Tag, suckers:

How movie-literate are you?

Film writer and critic, Jim Emerson compiled a list of what he considers the 102 most important films to see, in order to have an informed discussion about movies. It’s kind of an elitest mentality to take towards film-criticism, but it’s also a great list with a lot of different films, demonstrating some important landmarks in film history. They are not his favorites, or a best-of list, but more a “common cultural currency of our time” as it relates to film. Following kottke’s lead, I decided to run through the list and see how “literate” I would be considered on this scale.

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