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I like my…

As started here. Now how about:

*I like my movies like I like my women^1^…*

* …old and silent
* …with a twist ending
* …2 Fast 2 Furious

^1^ For political correctness, 'women' may be substituted with 'men', 'transsexual', 'transgendered', 'pet', 'barnyard animal', 'smurf', or any like-object of your choice

I like my ____

Prompted by a number of jokes with friends in the past couple weeks, I thought I'd start a collection of these. It all started one morning when somebody made a coffee run at work. “How do you like your coffee?” “I like my coffee like I like my women…” Everybody's made this joke before, and the silly variations thereof.

* …cold and bitter
* …sweet and creamy
* …thick and Belgian
* …tall iced mocha to go

Let's try one together now. Add your own conclusion in the comments. I'll post a new opener from time to time.
(Girls, feel free to change it to men. Be as crude, silly and/or sexist as you like. It's all in good fun.)
*I like my beer like I like my women…*

* …pale, and always on tap
* …dark and stout