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Talking to oneself

My cubicle is right next to the corner of the office area that has all of the wires and cables connected for the telephone, the computer network and the electricity. This provides for the occasional excitement of repair-men coming in and cursing at wiring problems, etc… There is also, the network technician. Now, I understand, […]

Phone conversation

I got a call at work and this was the conversation (nearly word-for-word): (I pick up the phone) Chris: “Hello, this is Chris Taylor.” Maureen (in a very high-pitched, happy voice): “Hi, this is Maureen. I just took over in this sales position at PC Connection. You placed an order with us?” Chris: “Yes, I […]


Yesterday I passed a truck for a plumbing company called, “Royal Flush.” A few weeks ago I passed a truck for a construction company called, “Erection Specialists.”

Professor quotations

In discussing how people hate scrolling down web pages: “Imagine if, in the theater, you had to scroll to see all the action while watching the movie. You'd see nothing but the tops of skyscrapers, while Godzilla is fucking shit up, down below.” This man is truly the most entertaining professor I've ever had. Here […]

Digital art?

From a panel discussion on digital art: “If art is about effort… Mozart composed most of his work in 1-2 days. I spent 20 years on this program. Celebrate *my* art!” “How can you say your computer has a creative mind? Mine just adds and subtracts 1's and 0's!” While discussing Deep Blue playing Kasparov […]

Radio City Shack

While passing Radio City Music Hall, little kid to his father, “Daddy, is that like Radio Shack, but bigger?”

Green hair

People say funny things when you have green hair. Here are a few that I recall: “Woah, your hair is green.” Little girl, whispering to her friend, “Pssst, his hair is green.” Two different guys, in a similar sultry tone, “Your hair really brings out your eyes.” “Hey, Astro-turf!” “Did you know your hair is […]

Drawing elephants

The zoo I went to today was pathetic. Basically there was a highway running right alongside the animal enclosures, and the actual space that these animals had to themselves was miniscule. It was a sad scene. But what was more entertaining than the poor caged animals? A group of students drawing the animals, of course!! […]