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2009 Billboard Top 25 Hits Mashup

I just can’t get enough

Seattle Sunset Pan

My first Flickr video or “long photo” using the video mode on my Canon Elph. Shot from the roof of my apartment building.

Thread – Stranger Video

On assignment from the Stranger, Chuy, Paul and I put together a short video of the Seattle Thread Fashion & Lifestyle Show. I contributed the editing, but much more credit goes to Chuy and Paul for heading out and shooting last Sunday (alas, I was preoccupied). For having not done much video at all in […]

The Hotel/Motel Horror Genre Returns!

Apparently Hollywood thinks that Hitchcock’s classic, Psycho, is ancient history now so the genre of hotel/motel horror is prime for a revival. First we have a Stephen King story starring John Cusack stuck in a haunted hotel room number 1408. Ooooo… looks like pretty much every other haunted/ghost/hallucination movie that I’ve avoided seeing in the […]

The More You Know You Betcha Don’t Know

Remember those awesome NBC Public Service Announcements between Saturday morning cartoons, or the after school kids shows? The ones that always had that upbeat jingle at the end and the flying star trailing a rainbow. 30 second gems of wisdom, summed up with, “The More You Know”. Well, thanks to the wonders of the Internet […]

Superman vs. Superman

Before seeing Superman Returns this past weekend, I decided to Netflix the original Superman movie last week (Special Edition, actually, with a few extended scenes). Despite the slow pacing of the original, and the primitive effects, I still thought it held up quite well. I was a huge fan of the movies (at least the […]

Rainy Weekend of Watching Stuff

The long Memorial Day weekend was unfortunately the first 3 days of rainy weather we’ve had after a few weeks of beautiful, sunny Spring weather. I ended up spending quite a bit of time inside, watching entirely too much… stuff. Went out and saw X-Men: The Last Stand (with heavy hints at possible future stands), […]

Distraction: Best Movie Scenes Ever

Last night checking out some videos on the addictive YouTube, I stumbled upon a clip from the movie Rad, which was aptly titled, “Best movie scene.” I’d heard about this incredible scene, but had yet to watch it. It exceeds all expectations and words can’t do it justice. Featuring Lori Loughlin (of Full House “fame”), […]

Goldfrapp in Concert

Two weeks ago I went to see Goldfrapp in concert at the Showbox. The band’s music is a kind of electro-glam, and the show certainly followed suit. There were plenty of bright flashing lights, a fan blowing up into the lead singer, Alison Goldfrapp’s hair, and of course a keytar. I’d nearly forgotten that I […]

Changing the Film Heroes we Love

Two new trailers hit the internet yesterday, one for Superman Returns, and the other for the new James Bond, Casino Royale. One of these looks, um… super, and the other looks like crap. I was a little skeptical when the first Superman trailer showed up. The footage looked great, but I really wanted to hear […]

How movie-literate are you?

Film writer and critic, Jim Emerson compiled a list of what he considers the 102 most important films to see, in order to have an informed discussion about movies. It’s kind of an elitest mentality to take towards film-criticism, but it’s also a great list with a lot of different films, demonstrating some important landmarks […]

The Wilderness and the City

Over the weekend I watched Grizzly Man and I was amazed. It covers the life and death of Timothy Treadwell who spent 13 summers in the Alaskan wilderness living with the Alaskan brown bears. He filmed his last 5 summers there, and the film is made up mostly of his footage, along with interviews of […]

Kong, Munich, Rize

King Kong was pretty darn fun. Once again Peter Jackson has raised the bar on epic action. Over-the-top monsters and mayhem can be done (semi) seriously without ending up like that 1998 Godzilla crap. Kong felt a little long in some places, such as the lead up to the island, and like everyone else, I […]

Lights, Camera, Stop-Action!

Just having some fun on a rainy weekend. I call it, “Stop-Action Test 1” (200kb .mov). Tim Burton ain’t got nothin’ on me.