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Time, Money and Lawyers

Last night, for some unknown reason, my dream contained a little lesson in law and economics:  When it comes to legal matters, time, money and results are all directly proportional. I suppose it’s mostly true.  The more time and money spent on a case, the better results.  Want better results, spend more money, and your […]


Those dreams of old places, old friends and old crushes. You just talk and laugh as if nothing ever changed. You fall for the same smiles over and over and feel comforted and safe. Then you wake to find that those people really are far away living different lives now. You could call or write, […]

Super-powered Celebrities

I had a fairly big celebrity sighting last Friday on my walk home from work. On my way past the Gap, across from the Pacific Place mall, I noticed a girl rush outside to her friend, clutching a piece of paper and saying, “It was him!” I figured she must have gotten an autograph, and […]

Night of the Living Gila Monster

Woke up after the nice long weekend on Tuesday with a cold/flu thing, complete with sore throat and body aches. That didn’t stop me from hitting two more interviews this week and collecting 5 new business cards for my collection. But what I really wanted to write about is something really annoying about being sick. […]

A panicked dream

I was driving back to my apartment building to pick up something (I think it was a jacket or a nicer pair of shoes) that I needed for an important meeting later. I was going to pop in for no more than 2 minutes to grab it and go, so I parked in the 5 […]

Boxing with Ali

Two nights ago I dreamt Muhammad Ali was my personal boxing trainer. It's pretty easy to figure out where this dream stemmed from. A few weeks ago, on a recommendation from my coworker who takes boxing classes regularly, I decided to try an intro boxing class with Alex (who has decided to stick with it). […]

Remebering dreams gets easier and easier…

Once you get in the habit of it, I've found it gets easier and easier to remember dreams, especially when you keep up the habit of writing them down. So, you're going to have to deal with yet another odd dream recollection… Hamsters. I dreamt I got a couple hamsters. They were living in a […]

Dreamt in pieces

Walking into a gigantic warehouse of beige PCs to find one part to fix a friend's computer… Competing in a sports event involving skiing, roller-blading and juggling… Will Smith and an Indian girlfriend of his, asking me to join them in a threesome… Seeing hundreds of multi-colored Apples to Apples cards swirling about, taunting me […]

Dreaming a Sci-fi epic

Last night I had a very long, involved dream, which I remembered most of when I awoke. I didn't get a chance to write it down until now, just before I'm going to bed again. I know if I don't start writing now, I'll end up dreaming again tonight, then not get around to writing […]

Skiing, Pirates and a Gym Teacher

Last week: I dreamt about going skiing early in the season. The hill had a few patches of snow, and only one good trail that was fully covered all the way down the mountain. I tried asking people which trail was the good one, but they just told me to find it on my own. […]

Dream snippets

Last week I dreamt I visited King House back in Providence. I opened the front door and stepped in and as soon as I was inside, I was hit by a half-dozen different swinging pillows and pillowcases. What a greeting. Sometimes I miss that place. The other night I dreamt of a place that was […]

Dreaming of far away

The past couple nights I've had some long, involved dreams about old places and friends and other memories. Last night I kept remembering bits and pieces of my trip to Petra, Jordan and thinking back on it now, it seems like even more of a figment of my imagination. As if my memories of the […]

Beer? I hardly know her!

Last night I dreamt I went to a bar back on the East Coast and ordered a Rainier beer. (Yes, it is odd that an East Coast bar had this on tap. My dreams are obviously not too concerned about details.) The bartender poured a pint, put it down in front of me and said, […]

Here Giant Kitty Kitty

Yesterday I read about Savannah cats (via Cup of Chicha), a new breed of cat essentially combining the smallest of wild predatory cats with the largest of house cats. The result is a pretty damn big pet. After seeing this, I was mostly just frightened and started wondering how many injuries (and possible small-child fatalities?) […]

Mis-matching memories

I've been living in Seattle now for just over a year, and in the past few weeks especially, I've started having strange deja-vu about streets, people, and places from Providence. Three times in the past week I've wanted to refer to the location of something as, “just down at the end of the street where […]