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Yoplait: Good Yogurt, Bad Container Design

Yoplait Yogurt ContainerAt work we have a number of snacks stocked in the kitchen and occasionally we have yogurt in the fridge. The other day I was eating from one of the Yoplait Yogurt cups and started scraping at the bottom to get the remainder of the yogurt. Some coworkers started giving me grief for the annoying scraping sounds and I defended myself saying how it’s really the design of the container that’s preventing me from getting what I want.

The tapered design of these yogurt containers has always bothered me, and there are a number of other factors adding to the already poor design…

  1. The bottom of the container is convex, making the yogurt-remains even less spoon-friendly.
  2. The container opening has a lip that doubles back inside the container, making the already small opening even smaller.
  3. Said lid also catches unnecessary amounts of yogurt under it’s edge, requiring flexible spoon techniques for getting it out (or sometimes licking).
  4. The container kills animals.

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