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Enjoying Photo Overload

Since starting at the big daddy of photography, I’ve certainly been surrounded by imagery. Given that photography was a hobby of mine before then, I was a little worried that the interest would wane after being around photos all day long. Thankfully not. Some of the photo stuff I’m enjoying: Linked before, The Big Picture […]

PicLens Abstract Digital Glitch Art

Yesterday I fired up the slick PicLens plugin to play more extensively after only ever seeing videos or over-the-shoulder pieces of it. It really is an awesome plugin and smoothly panned through my various Flickr and Facebook photo feeds and searches. While browsing through some of my historical Flickr stream, I ran across this awesome […]

Edward Scissorhands in Dance

Sunday evening I went and saw Matthew Bourne’s Edward Scissorhands at the 5th Avenue Theater in downtown Seattle. I’m a big fan of the movie and love the Danny Elfman score, and when I heard they’d turned it into a stage show, at first I was a bit skeptical. When I saw that there was […]

Thoughts on the Olympic Sculpture Park

I finally made it down to the Olympic Sculpture Park this past weekend. It was still quite crowded 3 weeks after opening, but not nearly the mess it was on opening weekend. The setting is quite impressive for what it is. There’s plenty of well-landscaped space, and you hardly notice the busy Elliott Ave running […]

FILE Magazine Project: Utility Fixtures

I’m happy to share that my Utility Fixtures photos have been featured as a project on FILE Magazine. You can enter the gallery from the project intro page here. The project gallery is just a subset (with most of my favorites) of my growing collection of 70+ fixtures. There’s also a new Flickr pool for […]

Hey Baby, nice Lensbaby

I ordered myself a Lensbaby (2.0 version), last week, as well as the macro attachments. It arrived just the other day, and yesterday I ventured out to give it a try with some mixed results… A few good shots out of about 80 total. I had most fun playing with the macro attachment, but even […]

The Wilderness and the City

Over the weekend I watched Grizzly Man and I was amazed. It covers the life and death of Timothy Treadwell who spent 13 summers in the Alaskan wilderness living with the Alaskan brown bears. He filmed his last 5 summers there, and the film is made up mostly of his footage, along with interviews of […]

ColdK is Lame

I was rather disappointed when I saw this faded ColdK ghost last weekend. It was on a brick wall of a beautiful old building on Capitol Hill, around 10th and Roy. I’m sure any more aggressive cleaning of the tag would begin to damage the brick. Some street art can be beautiful, but ColdK’s prolific […]

Safety and Pixar at the MOMA

While in NY last week, I had the opportunity to visit the MOMA to check out their special exhibitions. Since I’d just done a full tour of the museum in August, I felt I didn’t need to see every Matisse, Pollock and blue/white/black/slashed canvas again. The first special exhibition I walked through was SAFE: Design […]

Christmas Cards

Every year my mother sends out Christmas* cards to family and friends. Not just any cards, but some of her very own handmade cards. For those of you who didn’t know my mother was an artist, well, now you do. She does etchings, embossings and collages all out of her basement studio. Above are the […]

For All Your Space Travel Needs

A refrigerator magnet, er… Hull Repair Patch purchased from the newly opened Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. located at 826 Seattle in the Greenwood neighborhood just outside the city. There are a bunch of other photos on Flickr from the store and the grand opening. Great decorations and hilarious writing throughout the store, and of […]

I Could Have Made This

I was sitting in a bar with a friend recently, where there was quite a bit of art on the wall. One of the pieces of art happened to be a red canvas with words painted in black saying, “I could have done this.” After a few minutes of pondering it and laughing, my friend […]

Lucky: How the Seattle Art Scene Kicked Tobacco With the Patch

What the heck does tobacco have to do with the Seattle arts scene? Almost exactly two years ago, Lucky Strike (Brown & Williamson/ R.J. Reynolds Tobacco) waltzed into Seattle brandishing a giant checkbook, and a curious interest in art. A number of organizations gladly accepted the dollars thrown their way, and even a popular weekly […]

One Site at a Time

I would like to officially announce the launch of two new sites joining the Network™. theantiblog and $$ Two Dollar Homepage Yes, they’re both parody sites, of sorts. There’s more to come on each. And hey, if you’ve got $2 burning a hole in your pocket…

826 Valencia

Skyler recommended I check out the 826 Valencia, Pirate Supply store before I left San Francisco, so we headed down on Sunday. 826 is the young writers and tutoring workshop started by David Eggers of McSweeney’s fame (and AHWOSG infamy). The pirate store, which is merely a commercial and fund-raising front for the workshop, was […]