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TV Turnoff Week

Most of the arguments against TV Turnoff Week are covered in this article, In Defense of Television. Yeah, some good points and they do make sense. If I were a loyal watcher of a few good TV programs then maybe I'd feel justified in skipping TV Turnoff Week. Instead of watching a few shows regularly, most of my TV watching is just that, “TV watching”. Surfing from channel to channel, watching whatever I find, staying on this channel for a bit, then moving on to that channel… Because of the way television programming is structured, channel surfing works perfectly at keeping you engrossed for entirely too long, as you get more and more comfortable watching whatever shows up. After this kind of watching I don't feel any more satisfied or content with the way I spent my time, so for this reason and this type of TV watching, I'm turning the set off (or ignoring it, as the case may be) for the next week.


I'll be participating in TV Turnoff Week this week (with the exception of last night because A) I didn't know it had started and B) I was sucked in to watching the 14!? inning Mariners game). I'm pretty sure I can't convince all of my TV addicted housemates to join me, so it'll be more like, “TV I'm-Not-Going-to-Watch Week” for me.

The Adbusters TV Turnoff site

The official TV Turnoff site

Page 23, 5th Sentence

bq. The man drinks the wine down to his middle finger, and his face looks puffy with dark chin stubble.

Diary, Chuck Palahniuk

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

via Andy


My itinerary map was off by a little bit, so here's the quick order of the trip before I barrage you with pictures. Arrived in Barcelona on Sunday the 4th, spent 3 nights there. Flew to Sevilla, where we spent 3 nights. Train to Cordoba for one night. Bus to Granada for 2 nights, and then flight back to Barcelona for the last night, before the return trip nightmare.

First are the pictures I took in Barcelona. I pretty much played tourist in each city, so expect a lot of pictures of buildings, churches and more buildings. Take a look at the photos.


I'll be putting the rest of the trip pictures up soon. Stay tuned.

Street Art in Spain

I took more than 300 photos while I was in Spain, so I'll be posting a lot as I get done sorting them.

First up is the collection of photos of street art that I took. Almost every free wall or alley-way in Barcelona had some sort of tag, grafitti, stencil, poster, or elaborate mural covering it. I could have taken more than 300 photos of street art alone. There must not be nearly the penalties for grafitti there that there are here, and there are also signs up in certain areas saying something along the lines of “Grafitti OK area”, where a lot of the more elaborate work showed up. Sevilla and Cordoba were much cleaner, and had less of a raw urban feel in areas, so there was very little street art. Granada had a good mix of urban and old-city feel, plus a ton of alleys winding through the hills, so there was more art that showed up there. The last 6 photos are all from Granada. Take a look at the art.


Home at last

Was up at 6AM Spain time (which is 9 hours ahead of Seattle) yesterday, Wednesday. Flew from Barcelona to Madrid. Flight from Madrid to NY had technical problems, did a u-turn back to Madrid. We didn't get a second plane until 4 hours later, rendering my connecting flight in NY completely missed. Got a new connection and hotel voucher for a Ramada for the night and went to sleep at 10PM Eastern time (4AM Thursday, Spain time). Woke up at 4AM Eastern time (1AM Pacific time) this morning to catch the hotel shuttle to the airport, and got my flight at 7AM Eastern, arriving in Seattle at 10AM Pacific. Now I have to head in to work for a few hours, and it feels to me like some-ungodly-fucking-time o'clock.

Un viaje para dos

Yo salgo a Espana manana, pero no es un viaje romantico, porque es con mi hermana.

Debajo es una carta de Espana y las destinacciones para mi viaje.

Big orange are my flights there and back. Green lines are train rides (although, we may be flying from Barcelona to Sevilla, I'm not sure). Blue dotted are short flights. I can't remember whether Granada is still in the itinerary or not, or whether we return to Barcelona from Cordoba.

I won't pretend that I know enough Spanish to finish this post in it. So, things will be quiet here (if not dead silent) for the next week and a half while I'm gone, but I promise a crapload of pictures when I return. (And yes, I'll try to stay off the trains with bombs under the tracks)

Adios, amigos!

PS – Nellie McKay was probably one of the best, if not THE best live performances I've seen.

PPS – Hellboy was a really fun, smart, damn good, action-packed superhero/comic movie.


For the month of March I got more than 300 hits from search strings related to Janet Jackson's boob. I think last month's janet jackson's boob round-up helped a lot. Looking at all of the different ways that people search for this one thing makes for an interesting search engine usability study. Maybe I'll compile the master list next month.

Some of the more amusing non-Janet boob related strings:

* dan savage shaved pubic
* chamois on a stick
* penis cheese
* big tit swimteam
* breathing underwater hamsters
* cadaver or blades or spastic or mediterraneanizations or dream
* do hamsters have dreams
* fat alcoholic grandpa photos
* how much art can you take
* old poopy cars
* panama whores
* swim cap tits
* trees with branches
* world record giant crab picture

And yes, I got one search string from someone searching for “excavator bucket”, which you could probably guess from the second comment on this page.

Boxing with Ali

Two nights ago I dreamt Muhammad Ali was my personal boxing trainer. It's pretty easy to figure out where this dream stemmed from. A few weeks ago, on a recommendation from my coworker who takes boxing classes regularly, I decided to try an intro boxing class with Alex (who has decided to stick with it). Taking the class, seeing the posters of famous boxers in the gym, and the new round of TV commercials featuring Ali, had prompted me to rent the Academy Award winning documentary, “When We Were Kings” about Ali's famous “Rumble in the Jungle”. It all added up to the dream where Ali himself was sparring with me, timing my jump-roping, holding the pads… And then somehow the dream transitioned into Scottish sword lessons, where I was wearing a kilt, holding a basket-hilt sword and learning from a man with the thickest Scottish accent I'd ever heard. Wish I could tell you where that part of the dream came from.

Last night I dreamt of a room full of Tetris-shape boxes, that I was carefully fitting together, one at a time. I'm guessing that came from all the CSS and HTML I've been staring at lately, working to redesign sections of my site and a couple work sites. Stay tuned.

Seen on a screen

Some quick thoughts on recent movies I've seen…

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Incredible. Gondry and Kaufman have created one of the most original storytelling experiences I've seen on film in a long time (or maybe I just watch too much crap).

School of Rock: Non-stop fun and hilarity. Jack Black is a true comic genius.

The Triplets of Belleville: Very French (in a good way). Refreshing to see some creative traditional animation after all this fancy-shmancy stuff Pixar's been doing.

Destino (the Dali/Disney short animated film): Very surreal and pretty to look at. About what I expected. The mix of animation styles didn't quite work on the whole.

Starsky and Hutch: Wait for DVD. It had a few laugh-out-loud moments, and we can't stop using the catch-phrase, “Do it” (in the Ben Stiller voice), but aside from that, the standard funny-men, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrel and Vince Vaughn were decidedly unfunny.

Next up on my list of I-don't-have-a-huge-desire-to-pay-$9-to-see-it-but- I-probably-will-anyway are those two movies about dead people that are all the rage at the box office. Something about a bunch of dead people that come to life, only to be killed again by living people… and the other one about a living guy who is put to death, only to come back to life to die again.

I'm working on drafting up a script for a movie with a mind-blowing new take on dead people and dying. It's called “Death” and involves one continuous 2 1/2 hour shot of dead people. The twist… they stay dead.

Superbad Things

I've really been liking lately. Instead of (or in addition to) repeatedly checking the various meme blogs, this provides a nice one-stop spot for a variety of good links in a single daily post.

Also, Coudal Partners just linked to Superbad, which I remember seeing about 5 years ago for the first time. It's a sort of non-sensical, ever-expanding design/art project. Looks like there's a bunch of new “content” since I last surfed around. Worth a look.

Lastly, Dooce's recent post, A Labor Story, is wonderfully hilarious, brilliantly written, and nearly brought me to tears.

Marriage and Ninjas

The bicycle cops were out in force this morning as gay couples in Seattle started congregating on Braodway for the Monday Marriage March. The Stranger has been grilling the city and county pretty hard on the issue. It's pretty exciting hanging out on the media front line of such an important battle. Go Marriage Marchers!

In other, less ground-breaking news, I picked up a copy of Ninja Gaiden for Xbox last week and have been hooked all weekend. Penny Arcade does a good job of conveying the difficulty of the game. I'm sure my housemates were sick of hearing my screams from the couch, “This is fucking impossible!” Only to be followed a half-hour later by, “Woo-hoo! I fuckin' did it! Take that, bee-yatch!!” My final triumph before bed last night was the aptly-named, Corridor of Doom, which was remarkably difficult after 8 beers.