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Aren’t They Cute?

String-dong the Witch is Dead

I forgot to post my month-end list of search-string madness for April, so here's the quick rundown. This month's theme seems to be strange fetishes and obsessions… * More than 300 Janet Jackson/boob related search string hits * beard trimming pictures * better boob inspection * french sport that jump and climb around buildings * […]

That’s One Big Gisele

You know you've got great friends when you come home to an 8' x 6' picture of Gisele Bundchen on your wall. Thank you, Rasterbator.

Movabletype 3.0 Beta

*UPDATE* – Even after the upgrade, MovableType is still giving me the Internal Server Errors on new entries and when people try commenting. There are numerous cases of the same thing throughout the support forums and the consensus seems to be that MT is a big fat resource hog. Templates and archive pages start getting […]


Things I learned at my eye exam

* People tend not to blink as much when staring at a computer screen, thus your eyes get dry quicker * Eyes can have freckles * My left eye has a freckle * My left eye has a small scar on the back right side * Eye drops to dilate pupils sting a lot * […]

America’s Next Top Model Parking Lot

Last week The Stranger published this feature by David Schmader and Kelly O, and it was my priveledge to edit their video footage into a 10 minute tribute to the cult classic, Heavy Metal Parking Lot. To check out the video, either head to the article and download the trimmed down, lower-quality version, or make […]

Birthday girl and Goodbye Ten10

Missing Memories, Found on Camera

Apparently I took this photo at the BBQ last week. That is a can of compressed air. I don't think I was holding the can.

New Street Art Mystery

A while back I posted a couple entries wondering about this painted girl that I'd been seeing around, and it turns out it's not a girl afterall. Two weeks ago, the Stranger had this cover image where I immediately recognized the style of the kids. It's a local artist Parskid (the big headed kid) who […]

Long Weekend, Little Done

This kinda fell apart on me for a number of reasons. Oh well. At least I got the hang of my camera and my malfunctioning video editing programs a bit. The other participants came up with some great stuff. I pretty much gave in to frustration and tiredness, and wished I spent more time outside […]

Cordoba and Granada

The last two cities in my whirlwind tour of Spain were Cordoba and Granada. We stopped in Cordoba for just an afternoon and one night. Just enough to get a quick feel of the city. It had a lot of the similar sights as the other cities, and a spectacular Cathedral interior, but as a […]

24 Hour Video

Andy is attempting the 24 hour comic starting tomorrow at noon, and I will be doing a 24 hour video. No, not a video that is 24 hours long. We decided that at least 12 minutes long is a good length. All of the writing, shooting, editing and any post-production will all be done within […]


After three nights in Barcelona, we took a short flight down to Sevilla, in Southern Spain. We were in Sevilla during Semana Santa (Holy Week), when the city is host to dozens of religious processions leading up to Easter. These consisted of long lines of purple, white or black-hooded people processing through the narrow, cobblestone […]

New Lopolis

Last night I got a new design up for It's just the barebones skeleton right now, but it's the direction I want to go for my main site. Simple, focussed on creative work, and very easy to update. I'm planning on adding a few subtle graphic touches, and reviving a semi-daily log of still […]