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links for 2009-01-18

Auditorium Beautiful looking and sounding Flash physics puzzle game. (tags: games videogames physics flash audio music design)

links for 2009-01-10

Evolution of Technology – YouTube Nifty commercial of robot evolution. (tags: youtube evolution commercial advertising robots animation video) Flickr: Growing Up Star Wars: 1977-1985 A group to share your vintage photos of everything Star Wars. Some great shots in there. (tags: photography flickr vintage photos gallery starwars)

links for 2008-12-09

Photograph Of Jesus by Laurie Hill in association with the Getty Images Short & Sweet Film Challenge A fun look through the Hulton Archive, and a refreshing reminder why I like working where I do. (tags: gettyimages getty hultonarchive photography photos film video humor)

links for 2008-11-03

Flickr Developer Blog » The Shape of Alpha Flickr generates maps of regions based solely on their photo geo data and Maths. (tags: maths math geo flickr maps mapping)

links for 2008-10-22

Callie Shell – Obama Impressive series of photos from a photojournalist following Obama on the campaign trail. (tags: photography photos photojournalism news election obama barackobama politics photo)

links for 2008-10-06

The Dark Knight Trailer Recut – Toy Story 2 An absolutely genius re-cut of Toy Story 2 into the Dark Knight trailer. (tags: trailer film humor animation mashup editing batman darkknight video movies)

links for 2008-10-04

Timelapse Tilt Shift Goes to the Beach A very surreal timelapse video from the beach. I might even like his <A href="">'bathtub' videos</a> even more. (tags: timelapse tiltshift miniature photography video photo)

links for 2008-09-27

Official Google Blog: Our position on California's No on 8 campaign Awesome that Google is taking a stand to publicly oppose this one. (tags: google blog politics news marriage equality discrimination)

links for 2008-09-26

Radiohead/ Remix/ Reckoner Can't stop listening to the top mixes. (tags: radiohead music reckoner remix mashup)

links for 2008-09-23

Wario Land: Shake It Ad breaks YouTube Pretty clever. And the game looks fun too. (tags: game videogames animation youtube video humor advertising)

links for 2008-09-20

very small array Awesome and creative data visualization blog from Dorothy of Cat and Girl. (tags: statistics visualization information maps comics design blog art catandgirl) Cat and Girl – Living Alone (tags: catandgirl livingalone comic cartoon) Take a Picture of Yourself Right Now Just pick up the nearest camera and do it. (tags: photography rightnow […]

links for 2008-09-17

Canon EOS 5D Mark II Hands-on Preview This may very well be my new camera in a few months. Impressive specs all around, and 1080p HD video mode (with autofocus). (tags: canon camera photography photo eos5dmk2 eos5d)

links for 2008-09-13

Tax Plans Re-graphed Excellent re-drawing of the Washington Post's Obama/McCain tax plan comparison chart. This time to scale! It makes the difference even more glaring. (tags: statistics visualization politics economics tax obama mccain election2008)

links for 2008-09-05

Ed Rondthaler's Simplified Spelling Lesson He's still got it down at 102 years old (and he recently celebrated his 103rd birthday). I grew up listening to this lesson from him at family gatherings. It sure brings back memories. (also linked from Boing Boing. Thanks Andy) (tags: rondthaler spelling language words english video history)

links for 2008-08-25

The Wrong Door Sketches Clips from a new quick-cut BBC show ala Robot Chicken, but live action with silly special effects. (tags: comedy humor effects animation bbc) 42 Photo Groups for Awesome Abandonments Some great Flickr groups to browse and abandoned buildings to visit. (tags: flickr photography photos decay urban buildings)