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links for 2010-04-19

The Associated Press: Iceland's volcanic eruption winding down From Monday, April 12th. Yes, 4 days before the real eruption started. Iceland's "scientists" were just asking for it. (tags: iceland volcano news media) Time Traveler Caught in Museum Photo? Whatever the story, it's an interesting exercise in photographic analysis. (tags: photography history photos timetravel)

links for 2010-04-09

Infographics Seen This Week Some beautiful meta-infographic analysis. (tags: humor parody apple infographic data visualization)

links for 2010-04-08

Pixels by patrick Jean Beautifully rendered video of retro videogame pixels, well… taking over the world. (tags: video videogames pixel animation cg nyc newyork design)

links for 2010-04-05

Photojournalism with an iPhone from Afghanistan (tags: photojournalism photos photography iphone afghanistan journalism)