Blog Wars 2010

Romanesco Cauliflower Once again, after years away, I decided to wage war against WordPress and my blog setup with a template update. I also made a feeble attempt at connecting my main pages of to the design and to use WordPress as a CMS. I’ll spare the gory details, but due to my choice of subdomains for the blog, and lack of technical acumen to bend web technology to my will, I’m still only part way to what I’d really like.

But, what I have accomplished thus far is a nice update to the blog template itself. Due to aforementioned lack of technical know-how, I deferred to the experts and purchased a slick, nicely packaged template, Basic Maths, from Khoi Vinh. It fit my desired aesthetic, without all the cobbled-together hackery that my site had become.

With that, I kick off a new decade on the web. It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago, I was relying on campus web-hosting and my first broadband connection to put a few text pages and animated gifs on the www. And now? I’m publishing photos to a misspelled site, Flickr; writing in snarky 140 character snippets; and “YouFace-ing” or whatever. Almost all from a device in my pocket! Progress!


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  1. Diana,

    I like it! :-) Keep it coming.

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