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links for 2010-01-31

YouTube – Mark Malkoff Gets Carried in New York City Proving that New Yorkers are friendly, a guy attempts to have people carry him all the way from the South end of Manhattan to the North. (tags: video humor newyork nyc) Fraser Speirs – Future Shock Great writeup from Fraser Speirs on the significance of the […]

links for 2010-01-14

Lamebook – Facebook Fails, Wins, LOLs and More Funnier than it sounds. (tags: facebook parody humor social)

links for 2010-01-10

Lego Universe trailer looks unexpectedly thrilling Yeah, that's the best way to put it. If nothing else, it's the coolest Lego action CG-animated trailer out there. I'm very curious how the gameplay turns out. (tags: games videogames lego animation)

links for 2010-01-05

2OOPs: All the OOPS from 2009 on Flickr An impressively touching and fascinating montage made of all the short videos shot by accidentally leaving the camera on video mode when trying to shoot a photo in 2009. (tags: video photography flickr oops 2009)

Blog Wars 2010

Once again, after years away, I decided to wage war against WordPress and my blog setup with a template update. I also made a feeble attempt at connecting my main pages of lopolis.com to the design and to use WordPress as a CMS. I’ll spare the gory details, but due to my choice of subdomains […]