Living in a Blog Cabin

Yup, I’ve only posted here a handful of times all summer. But apparently my links started auto-posting to my blog again. They had stopped for a while and then maybe around the time of the redesign it came back to life. Note that now redirects to Late for a change, but finally a URL that’s easy to tell someone.

What else?

  • I’ve been catching up on lots of old and new photosover at Flickr.
  • I finally have an iPhone and I love it.
  • Go download Jamd Mobile for free.
  • The CBC Olympics coverage is so good, and I keep catching all the sports I’m actually interested in. They played almost the entire triathlon live (small breaks for news) and the finish was awesome. The commentators also know something about the sports and are able to describe the unfolding events in dramatic ways.
  • Flipping back to NBC, the women’s vollyball announcer says something like, “Misty May is a scoring locomotive,” before cutting to a 15 minute human interest story on a gymnast.
  • Dark Knight was great even though it was a little long like everyone says.
  • Braid is a uniquely styled puzzle game that quickly presents a challenge without losing it’s charm.
  • I re-read Watchmen around the time the trailer came online. Now I can’t stop re-watching the trailer. The visual power of 300, plus the great writing of the original story. Fingers crossed.

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