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links for 2008-08-25

The Wrong Door Sketches Clips from a new quick-cut BBC show ala Robot Chicken, but live action with silly special effects. (tags: comedy humor effects animation bbc) 42 Photo Groups for Awesome Abandonments Some great Flickr groups to browse and abandoned buildings to visit. (tags: flickr photography photos decay urban buildings)

Enjoying Photo Overload

Since starting at the big daddy of photography, I’ve certainly been surrounded by imagery. Given that photography was a hobby of mine before then, I was a little worried that the interest would wane after being around photos all day long. Thankfully not. Some of the photo stuff I’m enjoying: Linked before, The Big Picture […]

links for 2008-08-20

Visions of China: World Records Seen From Above Vincent Laforet's photography looking down on the Olympic records. (tags: olympics photography sports photos)

Living in a Blog Cabin

Yup, I’ve only posted here a handful of times all summer. But apparently my links started auto-posting to my blog again. They had stopped for a while and then maybe around the time of the redesign it came back to life. Note that now redirects to Late for a change, but […]

links for 2008-08-18

natalie portman's shaved head – sophisticated side ponytail Awesome music video and an up-and-coming Seattle band. (tags: music video musicvideo seattle band) Women's Olympic Fencing – The Big Picture If you don't already follow The Big Picture blog, you should start. Great collections of news photos from around the world. I liked this batch of […]

links for 2008-08-15

For all your bizarro celebrity needs Including bizarro bea arthur

Ballz in Yo Face!

That’s right. Undefeated champions of the 2008 Dodgeball Tournament. Logo designed by Darren/Clonny