Bowling advertising on lopolis

I clearly sold out my blog a while ago, but it still caught me by surprise when I checked my last post and saw this big honkin’ thing at the bottom:

Google has done display ads for a while, and it’s also no secret that my most-traffic-getting popular blog post on bowling team names is what brings in all the dough1. At the same time, there are a couple things that struck me about this ad. First off, that’s a giant AT&T logo! My first thought when I saw the ad was actually, “Wow, it’s a new AT&T online advertising network,” followed by, “Or maybe AT&T is trying a viral campaign of fake sites based around non-sequitur hobby-site domain squatting.” Yikes, my mind has gone web geek.

After reconsidering my initial surprise, I think I’m going to leave the ads there. I figure that the loyal readers(?) out there either come to the home page, or read me by RSS, so I’m only bugging the random visitors. Not an ideal customer acquisition strategy, but I’m not exactly screaming for attention here anyway. I’ll take what I can get.

1And by dough, I mean, in one year now I get maybe two of the checks mentioned in the first link of this post instead of one. If you look at Google’s minimum check allowance policy thingy, you can figure how little it is. Almost covers hosting.

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