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New York City Visit and Photos

I finally caught up on all the photos I took while visiting New York City last week. Here’s the main batch with the usual assortment of street art, buildings and urban scenes. I also put together a small set of New York City standpipes in the tradition of my ongoing obsession with utility fixtures. And […]

links for 2008-05-12

Photoshopped Atari Games Great parodies of old Atari games. “Every Sport Ever in Pong Form” (tags: atari games videogames gaming humor photoshop)

links for 2008-05-05

The Dark Knight Trailer 2 Looking better and better. I can’t wait. (tags: batman movie film trailer darkknight) New Indiana Jones Trailer I hope the Spielberg schtick doesn’t make this too silly. (tags: indianajones film movie trailer) Incredible Hulk Trailer 2 It looks like this does kind of pick up where Ang Lee’s left us. […]