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links for 2008-04-28

Birches Pond Farm – Carol & Carlton Taylor On the web at last, without much help from me at all! Nice job guys! (tags: birchespondfarm carltontaylor caroltaylor artwork photography etchings) Hulu – Video online Much better than the TV network’s online players. I’ve been catching up with any BSG, Office, or 30 Rock episodes I […]

I just can’t get enough

WordPress: Updatin’ the bloggin’

Yeah, it’s been a few months since I’ve posted much here. Work and life have a tendency to catch up with you. No more boring exposition here, just trying to pick up the pace again… As a kickstart, I updated WordPress to the fancy new version 2.5. The admin interface is much better on the […]

Seattle Sunset Pan

My first Flickr video or “long photo” using the video mode on my Canon Elph. Shot from the roof of my apartment building.

links for 2008-04-12

Previously on Lost : What? (YouTube) (tags: humor video youtube lost television what) Video on Flickr! Announced 2 days ago, but worth repeating. I’m all in favor of the decision, and frankly love the 90 second limit. It’s not YouTube, it’s not Google Video, it’s… Flickr Video. (tags: flickr video photography internet media) The Fall […]