The Wheels on the Blog Go Round and Round

Or maybe, “The Blog in the Sky Keeps on Turnin”?

Anyway, as usual I haven’t been posting too often, but my archive of old posts still get visitors from all over the place. Most of those visitors arrive here by some interesting search keywords.

Some time in the past couple months I moved to the #1 spot in Google for “bowling team names” and I’ve seen a pretty good spike in visitors via that phrase. I still have the occasional visitor add another creative name to the list.

Pulling from the past few months of logs, some of the more obscure search strings that have brought people across this site are…

dogs and cats photos play times photos – Let me direct you to Cute Overload
hand of god nailed to cross
unique facts about me – Who types this into Google? What are you expecting it to tell you? (fair enough, there’s a blog meme along these lines)
will ____ attend – This made me laugh. I also got a bunch of wedding invitation RSVP-related strings. I guess plenty of people are confused by those little cards.
beardtrimmingpictures – alloneword
chris taylor seattle photo – Going by a different name makes this a tricky one, especially with all the other Chris Taylor’s out there.
fuck halo 3 – One of many “fuck ___” strings. People are so angry.
give me pictures of jesus getting crucified – And I’ll give you a Roman soldier with a cameraphone.
i dreamt of an ailing dog – Thanks for sharing.
if irony – Go to sarcasm
airline life vests in movies
1024 x 768 heard – Heard that 800 x 600 ain’t hangin’ around no more.
bermuda ______ come on pretty mama! – Bahama.
civil liberties and intelius – Let me introduce you to Naveen Jain.
do neo nazis have pretty girlfriends – Beauty is only skinhead deep.
email coming from california shows up in my inbox 1 hour late – 1 hour later than what? Email in my inbox shows up precisely when it does.
new england during winter – It isn’t always pleasant, but sometimes I miss it.
new paintball players per year graph – Corresponds to the birth rate of red states?
turkey wishbone origination – Evolution.
drunk tech support – An SNL skit waiting to happen.
guinness record for not blinking your eyes – I couldn’t find it. Let me know if you do.

That’s all for now. Until next time.

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