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links for 2007-12-27

The Two-Hour Star Wars Holiday Special in only Five Minutes! Wookie-tastic! (YouTube) (tags: starwars video youtube)

links for 2007-12-26

Google Botches Privacy Expectations Bigtime And literally ruins Christmas for at least one user. (tags: google internet privacy social web) Zero Punctuation Mass Effect Review Amusing and overly cynical as usual. The game’s much better than he makes it sound. (tags: games gaming review videogames video)

A Merry Christmas from Ed Rondthaler

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! I thought this Christmas card from Ed Rondthaler to my Grandmother was a creative homage to his legacy with language and letters…

links for 2007-12-25

Hellboy II Trailer More monsters and mayhem from Guillermo Del Toro (tags: film hellboy trailer movie comics)

links for 2007-12-22

Yet Another in the Ongoing Series Wherein I Examine a Piece of Supposedly Serious Apple Analysis From a Major Media Outlet and Dissect Its Inaccuracies, Fabrications, and Exaggerations Point-by-Point, Despite the Fact That No Matter How Egregious the Inac Great dissection of the Fast Company fluff piece from the master. And of course the post […]

Out with the old, in with the new

By now it isn’t really news to most of you that read this, but I decided that it’s time to move on from Last Friday was my official last day. It was a great 3 year (and 2 month) run, and I learned a ton. I held three different positions, under 4 or 5 […]

links for 2007-12-18

The Dark Knight Trailer It looks amazing, and Heath Ledger is frightening. (tags: batman movie film trailer darkknight)

links for 2007-12-14

Flickr: Stats, stats, baby! Very nice aggregate account and individual photo statistics on Flickr. (tags: flickr photos statistics stats information web) Facebook Business Solutions A great Facebook privacy parody. (tags: facebook humor parody privacy) 2007 Lists Rex’s annual collection of all “Best of” lists for the year. (tags: lists culture trends list bestof 2007) Strangercrombie […]

links for 2007-12-08

In defense of ‘irregardless’ The baddest-ass word of all time. (tags: humor irregardless words language) Speed Racer Trailer There’s a lot of talk about the look of this movie that the Wachowski’s are going for, but I’m not sure I like it. Too Dr. Seuss? (tags: film movie trailer speedracer)

Video Game Playing in the Past 2 Weeks

links for 2007-12-05

Funny Games – Trailer Someone coin a phrase to describe this genre of movie that’s basically, “serious theater on film”. (tags: film trailer) Revolver – Trailer Either Guy Ritchie comes back with this one or confirms he’s a one trick pony. (tags: film movies trailer) Banksy returns to Bethlehem New work at the West Bank […]

The Wheels on the Blog Go Round and Round

Or maybe, “The Blog in the Sky Keeps on Turnin”? Anyway, as usual I haven’t been posting too often, but my archive of old posts still get visitors from all over the place. Most of those visitors arrive here by some interesting search keywords. Some time in the past couple months I moved to the […]