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links for 2007-10-01

Finishing the Game – Trailer Comedy about what the casting for Bruce Lee’s replacement in Game of Death might have been like. I’ve always wondered. (tags: film trailer movie brucelee comedy humor)

links for 2007-09-28

Ironic Sans: Idea: The Histogram as the Image Brilliant exercise in constructing the New York City skyline in the histogram of an image. (tags: art design newyork photoshop visualization)

3 Years of Flickr and 1000 Photos

Somewhere in the midst of uploading bunches of photos from my New York trip, I surpassed 1000 uploaded photos on Flickr. This really isn’t a lot considering I’ve got tens of thousands more that I’ve taken, and many Flickr accounts have a few thousand photos here and there. From the start, I decided to be […]

links for 2007-09-22

Internet Commenter Business Meeting Hilarious. What a meeting might be like if everyone behaved like commenters on a website. (tags: comedy humor internet video)

links for 2007-09-21

LEV and Thumpbot play “Crazyâ€? Robot playing percussion and theremin. Awesome. (tags: robot video music theremin) Southland Tales – Trailer New film from the writer/director of Donnie Darko. Looks splendidly twisted. (tags: film movie trailer)

links for 2007-09-13

graffiti archaeology Cool visualization of graffiti (and some structures) changing over time, using layers of images. (tags: art graffiti photography visualization streetart timeline) Diplo: Pitchfork Mix 02 [MP3] Linked all over the place, but a fun listen. The tracklist/interview article is also a good read. (tags: audio mp3 music sound diplo pitchfork)

links for 2007-09-08

Zero Punctuation: BioShock Review Most amusing (and cynical) review of Bioshock so far, in lightning-fast video form. I’ve got to agree with most points. (tags: animation games gaming video review bioshock videogames humor) Drunk of the Week Photography 101 Great commentary by Kelly O on this one (tags: photography thestranger drunk)

A good mix of vacation

This week I got back from an 11 day vacation out of Seattle, back home to CT for a while and then down to New York City. Each part of the trip complimented the other perfectly, from the quiet rural setting of the old homestead to the hustle and bustle of the city. I enjoyed […]