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3 Years of Flickr and 1000 Photos

Sunset in Jordan, first photo posted to Flickr Somewhere in the midst of uploading bunches of photos from my New York trip, I surpassed 1000 uploaded photos on Flickr. This really isn’t a lot considering I’ve got tens of thousands more that I’ve taken, and many Flickr accounts have a few thousand photos here and there. From the start, I decided to be a little more selective with what I shared (everything is public by default, afterall), and see what else was out there. Just over 1000 photos now, 3 years later, equates to about 1 photo every day. They came in fits and starts, but if I can keep that up for another 3 or 10 years, I’ll be happy.

When I first started using Flickr in 2004, I was immediately hooked by many aspects of the site, but by far the most exciting for me wasn’t their fancy Flash (remember it used to be Flash back then?) Organizer, it was the idea of “community involvement by default” (public photos). This seemed scary at first (not to mention different from most other photo sharing sites at the time), but was completely engaging and kept me coming back. People were commenting, adding favorites, inviting to groups and generally connecting over each other’s photos. I immediately wanted to come back and post more to see what else I might discover.

And now for a little more trivia…

A good mix of vacation

This week I got back from an 11 day vacation out of Seattle, back home to CT for a while and then down to New York City. Each part of the trip complimented the other perfectly, from the quiet rural setting of the old homestead to the hustle and bustle of the city. I enjoyed catching up with friends and family, and also the natural photo ops all around the old backyard.

New York Skyline

I’d been to New York a number of times before and had seen many of the big sights, so a goal this time was to get off the beaten path a bit more. I lucked out having some good friends in the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn, where I stayed for a few of the nights, which was just the right pace. Given that it’s a pretty young and hip neighborhood, there were plenty of great options for food, bars, shops, galleries, and street art all over the place. I of course took many photos of the whole trip, and I’m still posting more.

Some of the other highlights…