It’s been a while

Wow, it’s been more than a month since writing an actual post here. This fixes that, and I hope to pick it up more going forward. The Spring has been pretty scattered with work and play, and weeks of rain and then sun. Some things that have been keeping me busy/distracted…

  • TV season finales – They’re old news by now, but I was hooked on a few too many TV shows this year. In short… Heroes: Season = thumbs up, Finale = thumbs down. Lost: Season = thumbs mixed, Finale thumbs up. The Office: two thumbs way up. Veronica Mars: almost done, but thumbs up so far. Entourage: thumbs up all around (the Yom Kippur episode was one of the funniest I’ve seen).
  • HDTV – I finally took the plunge on a lovely HDTV and watched some of the above in glorious HD. My old, heavy 27″ JVC was starting to burn in in places, but had served me well over the years. I’ve found myself watching much more sports than usual now because they just look so damn good in HD.
  • Xbox 360 – To kind of go along with the TV (it was my birthday, I splurged) I decided to go for a 360 Elite and really put the HD to the test. I’m quite happy with the system, and I really think Microsoft has nailed the online gaming experience with the buddy system, matchmaking, etc. I’ve played a few of the latest shooters, but I’m really a sucker for the simple puzzle games. Lumines (I never played it on the PSP) is quite addictive, and Catan is a perfect rendition of the board game. But really I can’t wait for Mass Effect.
  • Settlers of Catan – This deserved it’s own bullet. A friend of mine introduced me to the board game a couple months ago, and then I discovered the Xbox Live version. I’ve played both quite a bit more since and the game is just so good. The mechanics are so simple, but the strategy and variety from game to game is always different and surprising. I remember there was a copy of the game in the house I lived in during college, and now I regret never joining the regular players. Those Germans know how to make a mean board game.
  • Sun – All of the geeky indoors activities aside, this is the time of year in Seattle where we start having as many sunny days as rainy days from week to week. The following commodities are now in high demand, and take up a good deal of non-working hours: Rooftop decks, patios (preferably at bars), parks, hikes, and street festivals.
  • Photos – One of the more productive things I think I’ve been good about keeping up is photo-taking and posting. I try to make a point of getting out on most sunny days to take some pictures around the neighborhood at least. My Lensbaby with macro attachment ring has been great to capture the Spring flowers and critters in the garden next to my building. My new favorite lens now the prime 50mm f1.4 which has been great for capturing portraits and just about anything else in all lighting conditions.

Now, go read the live updates from Jobs’ keynote at WWDC and drool over some new Apple announcements.

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