String Cleaning

Another few months gone by and a whole bunch more search strings. So here we go…

halo 2 – For some reason this has been steadily rising in the past months. I didn’t find my site anywhere in the first few hundred results on Google, or the first few pages of Yahoo results. I suppose the volume could just be high enough that wherever I am in the results has changed just enough that I’m getting a little bigger slice of the traffic. Also mysterious is that my actual post pages talking about halo 2 are considered supplemental in Google, and my category archive pages are appearing. I’ll have to work on fixing that.

ed rondthaler – Since rising to the #1 result for my Great God-father’s name, I’ve seen a big jump in referrals for his name. I wonder if the centenarian ad has been showing more.

And of course the more random strings…

duluth is on fire
poorly designed sculptures
definition of revelant – still not a word
eskimos in antarctica – still not there
in the bum no – I can’t quite figure this one out. Nor do I want to.
occasional times seattle – What a great name for a newspaper: The Occasional Times
vizzle – fo shizzle
birthday party supplies of hulk hogan
trippy purple
best movies groundhog day godfather james bond pulp fiction ame – What are you searching for?
checkout line discrimination
i could have made this painting – Me too
name of alternative urban climbing and running sportparkour
this moustache
trees with branches – um, most of em?
what does the state of connecticut look like – There are some cities, roads, suburbs, some farms and rolling hills up North, and an old New England coastline down South
can you dilate your eyes to look like anime eyes – yeah, but it hurts like a bitch and don’t even think about going out in the sunlight
correct way to fill out wedding response card
Hanqing Dong – Still my favorite name
tasteless quiz team namesTasteless trivia team names are our specialty
uncrucified – Wouldn’t the opposite of being crucified just be, uh, not getting nailed to a cross?

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