Trivia Team Names

As I’ve described before, our regular Monday night trivia group tries to come up with some creative names for our team. We try to stick to jokes about current events (some more tasteful than others), although not quite as pun-ny as some bowling team names. We usually get a laugh or two out of the crowd. Here are some of our recent trivia team names we’ve used, with references:

Oops I shaved it again (1)
Trimspa worked too well (1, 2)
Vote tunnel for make benefit glorious city of Seattle (1, 2)
Sanjaya 2008 (1)
I’m Larry Birkhead’s father (1)
One more drink to Boris (1)

This year’s trivia season is winding down, with only one week left, and two of our valued team members won’t be around in the fall when it starts up again. We’ve had a number of wins, eaten plenty of pizza, drank much PBR, and answered plenty of questions.

Do you know which animal on the Earth has the largest eyes?
Avogadro’s number is defined as the number of what that makes up a mole?
What’s the capital of Malaysia?

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