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Thread – Stranger Video

On assignment from the Stranger, Chuy, Paul and I put together a short video of the Seattle Thread Fashion & Lifestyle Show.

I contributed the editing, but much more credit goes to Chuy and Paul for heading out and shooting last Sunday (alas, I was preoccupied). For having not done much video at all in a few years, it was imperfect, rough, and scrappy. We brushed up on a lot of the details and I spent much time cursing iMovie. We’re pleased with the results, and I think it was just what we needed to kick our butts back into video-shape. Stay tuned for more!

Interaction Design of a Wedding Invitation RSVP

I received a lovely invitation to a friend’s wedding the other day. It was very formal, as expected, with the typical “Mr. and Mrs. so-and-so request your presence at…” language. And then I came to this RSVP card:

Wedding RSVP

What’s the correct way to fill this out? I figured out that the “M____” line is to put my name, so that was clear enough. Just using an “M” at the start of the line lets you put “Mr.”, “Mrs.”, “Ms.” as your title, to keep with the original formal language. But what about the “will ___ attend”?

Well, if I’m not attending I simply write: “will not attend”. OK, that’s easy. But I am attending. Now what? Some options:

  1. will X attend – An “X” or a checkmark might do it, but looks really tacky. It’d be more appropriate to use these if there was in fact a checkbox for the “will not attend” option too. So that’s not going to work.
  2. will yes attend – Now that’s some bad grammar. Writing “not” keeps the sentence correct, but “yes” isn’t an effective opposite and it breaks the sentence.
  3. will definitely attend – There we go, we’ve made a sentence that makes sense. We could also use, “absolutely”, “positively”, “certainly” or any number of other affirmative words. But that little line doesn’t really give you enough space. I’m guessing this is wrong.
  4. will probably attend – Line space issue aside, this has got to be a major wedding RSVP faux pas. You generally don’t plan for “maybe” guests at a wedding, so that’s right out.
  5. will ___ attend – Leave it blank. Grammatically and formally, this seems best since it forms a nice sentence, “Mr. C. Taylor will attend.” But leaving it blank makes me a little uneasy. Is simply mailing this back enough to positively confirm that I’ll be there?
  6. will ___ attend your wedding to the best of his ability. – Ah ha, leaving it blank but writing something afterwards! I mean, what if some catastrophe happens on that day and I can’t make it even though I’ve said yes. This option covers my bases. But alas, scribbling in the rest of the sentence might not be too classy (then again, there’s no period after “attend” so maybe it’s open for expansion).

A quick Google search confirmed that option 5 is indeed the proper etiquette for replying on this type of invitation. Couldn’t this be less of a nerve-wracking choice? I mean, the proper way to answer the question is to not answer it. Checkboxes, while uglier, would be more reassuring since I’ve got a clear yes/no choice.

But actually, checkboxes aren’t even the best choice for this type of one-or-the-other decision. We need invitation response cards with radio buttons.

Trivia Team Names

As I’ve described before, our regular Monday night trivia group tries to come up with some creative names for our team. We try to stick to jokes about current events (some more tasteful than others), although not quite as pun-ny as some bowling team names. We usually get a laugh or two out of the crowd. Here are some of our recent trivia team names we’ve used, with references:

Oops I shaved it again (1)
Trimspa worked too well (1, 2)
Vote tunnel for make benefit glorious city of Seattle (1, 2)
Sanjaya 2008 (1)
I’m Larry Birkhead’s father (1)
One more drink to Boris (1)

This year’s trivia season is winding down, with only one week left, and two of our valued team members won’t be around in the fall when it starts up again. We’ve had a number of wins, eaten plenty of pizza, drank much PBR, and answered plenty of questions.

Do you know which animal on the Earth has the largest eyes?
Avogadro’s number is defined as the number of what that makes up a mole?
What’s the capital of Malaysia?

My First Google Check

Just the other day I received my very first check from Google. I’ve experimented with AdSense on my site for quite some time now, mainly on the individual post pages. I can’t tell you how much I make, but since I’m only getting my first check now, you can make some guesses (it ain’t much).

Google Check

I won’t be retiring on it any time soon, but it’s a fun moment in the current state of the web. My own little piece of the Google advertising empire.