How Much Money Did Ze Frank Make?

On Saturday, the epic journey that has been Ze Frank’s The Show, came to an end. With Ze’s final show, he closed out the promised year (minus weekends and holidays) of his daily energetic ramblings. Back in October he added the Gimme Some Candy donation system, where viewers could donate various amounts of money to the show, and get a simple ducky or jewel icon and custom message displayed on The Show’s site. For whatever reason, I started tracking the total donations for each day when I watched The Show. And here’s what I came up with:

Total Ze Frank donations: $28,535
Total from Bling Duckies ($250 each): $3,750
Total from Big Duckies ($50 each): $15,400
Total from Little Duckies ($10 each): $7,540
Total from Jewels ($5 each): $1,845
Highest single day (the last day of the show): $6,045
Average daily donations (including the last day): $297
Modified average (minus first two days’ spikes, Valentines, and final day): $170

And here’s what the daily data looks like in a not-so-pretty Excel chart:

Ze Frank Candy

Ze Frank daily donations (minus the last $6000 day, which threw off the scale)

I took out the final day, since it threw the scale out of whack and left things even less intelligible. You can clearly see the initial spikes when he announced the donations, and the quick drop down to the average levels. There were a few times during the year where Ze reminded his viewers of the donation system directly or indirectly. Both Thanksgiving and Christmas had increased donations from the generous givers out there. And Ze Frank also ran custom Valentine’s Day candy. I didn’t see the actual donation page that week, but assumed the sizes of the icons still translated to the same pricing. Aside from the $6000 finale, Valentine’s Day was a clear winner.

So in the end Ze has to pay some hefty taxes on his $28,000, but it still ain’t bad for just 5 months of the show. This doesn’t even take into account how much he made from his video hosting and ads. He also had a couple show sponsors towards the end, with Dewar’s sponsoring the final week of the show. I’m sure there’s at least a few more grand in there. Ze often joked about wanting to sell out, and while he’s not gonna retire off these donations alone, the show itself and the incredible fan base gave him more than enough fame to move on to Hollywood. I look forward to whatever’s next.

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