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IA Summit 2007: Vegas, Part II

Finally, here’s my somewhat belated wrap-up of the IA Summit, which I attended in Vegas. The conference was absolutely amazing. I met a ton of interesting people from all over the world, including quite a few Seattleites, and had some great conversations. The workshops and presentations were non-stop brain food, and incredibly inspiring. Slides for […]

IA Summit 2007: Vegas, Part I

I’m currently in Las Vegas attending the 2007 IA Summit. Tons of geeking-out over Information Architecture with a lot of great people… in a crazy, crazy city. The internet connection is incredibly flaky here, otherwise I’d be trying to update more often. I’ll write up some more thoughts and stories when I can. I’ve been […]

links for 2007-03-22

Really expensive cat toy Playing with Front Row on a MacBook Pro (Google Video) (tags: humor apple cats mac cute video) Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End Trailer Even bigger and crazier. It must be the end of a trilogy. (Quicktime) (tags: trailer pirates movie film) Day Watch Trailer Looks like a bigger budget […]

How Much Money Did Ze Frank Make?

On Saturday, the epic journey that has been Ze Frank’s The Show, came to an end. With Ze’s final show, he closed out the promised year (minus weekends and holidays) of his daily energetic ramblings. Back in October he added the Gimme Some Candy donation system, where viewers could donate various amounts of money to […]

links for 2007-03-17

WTFCNN? Hilighting the most ridiculous headlines from CNN (tags: humor news blog media cnn) Fuck Garrison Keillor Dan Savage tears into Garrison Keillor for his hypocritical and homophobic comments from Salon. (tags: article culture keillor politics savage dansavage marriage)

links for 2007-03-15

SXSW: Will Wright Keynote Excellent notes from Will Wright’s SXSW talk. Covers the evolution in games from storytelling to generative experiences. (tags: willwright interaction games gaming design storytelling) Happy Pi Day The Wikipedia entry on Pi has more explanation, history and detail than you’ll ever need. (tags: wikipedia pi math mathematics)

links for 2007-03-14

Atypyk Creative, unique, humorous products. Some useful and some just for fun. (tags: product design gallery catalog)

Good ‘ol Jerry Masterson

I recently found an old t-shirt in my drawer from The Portland Mercury (sister paper of The Stranger), featuring the face of a charming young boy, Jerry Masterson. For those of you who don’t know, or don’t remember, here are his greatest hits: Adults Are Fucked! Teachers Are Fucked! Kissing Girls Is Fucked! (my personal […]

RIP, Jean Baudrillard

I was sad to see that author and theorist, Jean Baudrillard, died yesterday. In a number of my college courses we read many of his writings and essays, and while I didn’t always understand them, I did enjoy the challenging thoughts he offered up. The Wikipedia entry on Baudrillard gives a great overview of a […]