The Hotel/Motel Horror Genre Returns!

Apparently Hollywood thinks that Hitchcock’s classic, Psycho, is ancient history now so the genre of hotel/motel horror is prime for a revival. First we have a Stephen King story starring John Cusack stuck in a haunted hotel room number 1408. Ooooo… looks like pretty much every other haunted/ghost/hallucination movie that I’ve avoided seeing in the past 5 years, but with Samuel L. Jackson. Next up we’ve got the standard Psycho setup of a young couple stopping at a motel just off the freeway in the film Vacancy, starring Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsdale. So, instead of one psycho-killer we have a team of psycho-killers? Original!

C’mon, there’s gotta be something better out there. Maybe Saw VIII will take place at a time-share.

2 thoughts on “The Hotel/Motel Horror Genre Returns!

  1. Donna Vitale

    I usually don’t see horror genre movies. I still can’t get The Exorcist out of my head! HOWEVER, if it has John Cusack………I’m in. I’ll worry about the nightmares later!


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