Super Sunday Strings

It’s been a while since I’ve written much here (Alert! Blog cliche #1: Blogging about not blogging. Blog.) So let’s get back into things with some long overdue search strings. In the past few months, here’s what we’ve got.

bowling team names – January was my record month for this string. It’s now my top search bringing people here, and my site has moved up to the #2 result. Add your team names to the list!
gila monster – I’ve seen this string rising in my stats over the past few months, but I’m not sure where it’s coming from. I’m not on the first pages of web results or image results for Google or Yahoo. Hmmm…
indie haircuts – This is another rising string in the past couple months, but again puzzling since I’ve fallen out of the first few pages of results. Google’s been playing with their ranking a bunch, so I’ll chalk it up to that.

The less common and just plain weird strings have included…

tall man drawing
chris chase bowhunter – Coming soon to theaters
duluth duluth duluth is on fire
guns and espresso – Failed business idea #672
how many monkeys does it take – A lot more than you think
italian language will you go out with me
list of movies with monkeys
the cougar drink like my women on the rocks – I don’t even know
eat cheerios if you are gay – Now I’m really confused
what is a d-list celebrity – Pauly Shore?
is email instantaneous – NO!
mr potato head rhinestones
music rounds for kindergarteners – Row Your Boat, Freire Jacques…
xtreme 2006 – Totally

Almost time for the big game. Enjoy! Gooo… advertising!

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