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The Hotel/Motel Horror Genre Returns!

Apparently Hollywood thinks that Hitchcock’s classic, Psycho, is ancient history now so the genre of hotel/motel horror is prime for a revival. First we have a Stephen King story starring John Cusack stuck in a haunted hotel room number 1408. Ooooo… looks like pretty much every other haunted/ghost/hallucination movie that I’ve avoided seeing in the […]

links for 2007-02-23

How to Make Square Corners with CSS Finally, a simple tutorial to achieve perpendicular corners with CSS. Only 84 steps! (tags: humor css design webdesign howto)

1980′s GI Joe and WWF Birthday Party Napkins

Every year for Valentine’s Day, my mother still sends me a little package of chocolates and a card (love you, Mom!). This year she included a little something else. She found these while cleaning out some old drawers around the house, amidst some other party supplies. What a blast from the past… My favorite part […]

links for 2007-02-22

Wii Developer Interviews Incredibly in-depth interviews with the Wii development team from Nintendo. Fascinating insight into what drove them to make a lot of their decisions on the product. (tags: nintendo wii gaming videogames games interview design) Michel Gondry Solves a Rubiks Cube with his Nose And you thought solving it with his feet was […]

links for 2007-02-21

Short animation: Kiwi! Incredibly popular animation short from Dony Permedi, who attended the same highschool as me and started from the same computer art classes. Impressive work! (YouTube) (tags: animation art video cg)

How do you describe what you do?

This is an actual conversation I’ve had a couple times: Them: “What do you do for work?” Me: “I’m a Program Manager at a web company.” Them: “Oh, so you’re a Manager.” Me: “No, not exactly.” Them: “Then you’re a Programmer.” Me: “Not exactly. I’m actually more like a…” At that point I’d often try […]

links for 2007-02-20

Introducing the book Tech support during the introduction of the book. (YouTube) (tags: humor usability support ui video technology) Consumerist.com nabbing Flickr photos Andy helped expose the Consumerist.com (Gawker Media) as using Flickr photos without attribution or links. Full story on his blog, with links to the Flickr thread and frontpage Digg post. (tags: consumerist […]

Ignite Seattle part Deux

Last Tuesday (wow, the week has flown by), I attended the second Ignite Seattle event at CHAC. Much like last time the event was packed and full of geek energy. I got there towards the end of the egg-launching contest, and didn’t get to see much because of the crowds, but was able to see […]

links for 2007-02-19

Ze Frank plays with his Wii While catching up on some old episodes, this one had me laughing. The Wii jokes just don’t get old. (tags: zefrank wii nintendo video games humor)

Overheard legal action

Snippet from an overheard cell phone conversation on a sidewalk downtown: “…well you know I’d much rather sue them than Washington…” Making the world a better place, one lawsuit at a time. I wish I’d listened a little closer, because this guy just kept going.

links for 2007-02-13

Ignite Deux: The Speaker Schedule List of speakers and topics for the second Ignite Seattle event tomorrow night (Tuesday, 2/12 2/13 (oops!)) at the Capitol Hill Arts Center. Looks like some good stuff. Come check it out. (tags: events seattle chac ignite igniteseattle)

Thoughts on the Olympic Sculpture Park

I finally made it down to the Olympic Sculpture Park this past weekend. It was still quite crowded 3 weeks after opening, but not nearly the mess it was on opening weekend. The setting is quite impressive for what it is. There’s plenty of well-landscaped space, and you hardly notice the busy Elliott Ave running […]

links for 2007-02-07

Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us Excellent description of the evolution of text, hypertext, and the internet as we now know it. (YouTube) (tags: animation video web2.0 internet hypertext culture technology)

links for 2007-02-06

Berkun Spam & Marketing 101 Darren responds to Scott Berkun’s recent link-begging, and gives a great outline of the fundamentals of marketing. (tags: berkun marketing seo blog) Demand Satisfaction! Blog Right in line with “Marketing 101″ here’s a new blog for a stealth startup aiming to give customers and companies better ways to interact. It’s […]

Super Sunday Strings

It’s been a while since I’ve written much here (Alert! Blog cliche #1: Blogging about not blogging. Blog.) So let’s get back into things with some long overdue search strings. In the past few months, here’s what we’ve got. bowling team names – January was my record month for this string. It’s now my top […]