Overheard on the bus

A girl loudly talking on her cell phone on the bus, about relationships and then school, and work:

“…and one of my friends even called me a genius. I don’t know about that, if I’m a genius I’m definitely not living up to my potentiality.”

Close, but not quite: potentiality. Actually, that might be correct. Less common, but more accurate than “potential“. Or I’m just confused now. Clearly not a genius here.

2 thoughts on “Overheard on the bus

  1. Shannon

    Just for kicks and curiosity, I looked it up in the Scrabble Dictionary (because I consider it the only definitive dictionary), and not only is “potentiality” not a word but “potential” isn’t either. I had never realized before that the Scrabble Dictionary does not contain any words over 8 letters (with “potential” coming in at 9). Which means, because as earlier stated I consider it the only definitive dictionary, I have to start using smaller words. My first cut will be dictiona…crap.

  2. lopolis Post author

    After doing some research, there are indeed only 8-letter words (and their plurals, conjugations, etc.) in the common “Official Scrabble Dictionary.”

    But… In theory it’s possible to play up to a 15-letter word in a game of Scrabble, since that’s the height of the board. Imagine 8 horizontal words across a portion of the board, and you play your 7 letters vertically, combined with the 8 to make a board-length word.

    In the case that you’re a Scrabble superstar and you can play a word that’s anywhere from 2-15 letters in length, there is the Official Club and Tournament Word List:

    Or the sub-list, the Official Long Words List (just 10-15 letter words):

    And “potentiality” is indeed there.


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