Kicking off the Two-Double-Oh-Seven

Space Needle Fireworks Happy belated New Year! I had a great holiday back home in CT and returned to a busy Seattle, just as I left it. So far, work has been… interesting… There are plenty of people and things to catch up with… an exciting Seahawks playoff game… getting stuck in Snoqualmie Pass traffic trying to go snowboarding… and some crazy Winter weather that’s more suited for New England. And now we’re into the New Year, full force.

Do I have any New Year’s resolutions? No, I don’t really go for those. I think Sam captured my attitude perfectly when she wrote:

I don’t confine my resolutions to this time of year. After all, there’s a whole year in which to neurotically commit myself to making massive changes in my life which I’ll then blow off a week later!

There’s nothing I’d resolve to do now that I haven’t already resolved weeks or months or years ago. So what now? Well, there’s a whole new year of fun to be had and plenty of changes to be made (planned or not). Now to kick myself back into this blogging thing. Watch out, or I’m gonna blog the shit out of this year. Happy 2007!

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