Seattle or Connecticut Weather?

So here I was looking up the weather forecast for the holiday week where I’ll be visiting my family in New Hartford, CT. The weather looked suspiciously similar to that in Seattle. Between these two forecasts, can you guess which is Connecticut and which is Seattle?

Similar weather
Seattle or Connecticut? Click for the full-size version.

2 thoughts on “Seattle or Connecticut Weather?

  1. Jed

    I thought I’d have an unfair advantage seeing as I live in CT, but it is really close….

    I’m gonna go with the left one as NH, the right one as Seattle. It’s been unseasonably warm here so far this winter, I feel bad for ski areas. (It is pouring rain today and it’s supposed to get into the 50’s)

  2. lopolis Post author

    Yup, New Hartford is on the left. Seattle on the right is just a little bit warmer, and a little more consistent on the rain and cloudiness. Similar weather aside, it’s still great to be home!


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