On the Edge of Tastelessness

Every week during the winter months, a pizza place in downtown Seattle, Belltown Pizza hosts a trivia night. 5 rounds, 10 questions each, and 1 of the rounds being a music round (ie. name the song title and artist). Coworkers and friends have gotten into the routine of heading down almost every Monday night to give it our best shot. We’ve won a couple, we’ve miserably lost many more, but in general the teams that we scrape together tend to hold their own.

One of the fun parts of starting the evening is coming up with a team name. We decided we didn’t like to always use the same name like some other teams did, and since our team members are different each week, we started mixing it up. Initiated by my friend Dan and his pals, the new tradition has been to come up with some current events related pun, or joke about the news. I wish I kept track of them all, but we’ve made reference to North Korea, Mark Foley, Bush and Cheney (of course), and we’ve thrown in some good ‘ol spam, “CheapViagraOnline.com”.

This week we were having our brainstorming session and we were about to go with, “My Trees Have Fallen and They Can’t Get Up” in reference to the crazy windstorms that came through Seattle. But then, I offered up: “Snow Cave For Rent“. Tasteless? Yes. The team groaned, but with a quick show of hands, they all voted for the name.

At the end of the first trivia round, the quiz master read through the scores and everyone heard the team names for the first time, “blah, blah… Vast Right Wing Conspiracy had 7 out of 10 …and Snow Cave For Rent… had 8 out of 10…” The restaurant erupted into boos and groans, and we even got a boo from the quiz master. From across the room we heard someone shout, “Too soon!”

It was at that point that I knew… we had picked the right team name.

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