Seattle Windstorm Xtreme 2006

Thursday night we had a little bit of wind here in Seattle. At about 4:15PM the rain started blowing sideways into my office building windows, and the walls were creaking a little more than usual. The high-rise bank of elevators stopped working and fireman arrived with sirens blaring. The bank of elevators for the lower levels (my section of the building) kept working for a while, but they eventually went out at about 5:15PM. I was already out of there and didn’t end up having to take the 16 flights of stairs, like some others.

That night the wind kept blowing, and as all the news stories are saying, more than 1 million people lost power. There were large trees and branches knocked down everywhere. In just a 3-4 block radius from my apartment, there were a number of large trees down. I took a bunch of pictures of the damage and put them up here. One of the big trees that came down crushed the back of a pickup truck right near my bus stop. Another one came down just 50 feet from where I had parked my car. Close call!

Windstorm 2006

I lucked out and didn’t lose power from the Thursday night storm, although my lights flickered a bit. Two days earlier, I did actually lose power in the morning, when the first bit of wind blew through. There were quite a lot of coworkers without power and a lot of them opted to stay home on Friday. I didn’t quite understand the rationale for staying home from work when you don’t have power. I mean, you can’t really do much there, so you might as well come in. Anyway, I hope everyone’s keeping warm and there wasn’t much serious damage. Xtreme!

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