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Day 12/16/2006

links for 2006-12-17

Ray Harryhausen Creature List 4 1/2 minute compilation of all of Ray Harryhausen’s dinosaurs, monsters, aliens and mythical creatures. Impressive stuff from one of the big screen special effects pioneers. (YouTube) (tags: video harryhausen animation film art effects) Innovation is Imperative. Sleep is Optional Kickass design portfolio of the newly liberated Corianton Hale. (tags: design […]

Seattle Windstorm Xtreme 2006

Thursday night we had a little bit of wind here in Seattle. At about 4:15PM the rain started blowing sideways into my office building windows, and the walls were creaking a little more than usual. The high-rise bank of elevators stopped working and fireman arrived with sirens blaring. The bank of elevators for the lower […]