How common is your name?

Have you ever wondered how common the name, Jed Scattergood is? No? Well, it ain’t too common. only knows of 1 person with that name. Although the last name Scattergood is actually more common than I would have guessed. It’s more common than Lovendale, Dalasta, Drott, Favuzza, Langager, and nearly as common as Salway. Scattergood is just above the last name “Mittelsteadt” and there 138 Scattergoods listed in the country.

I wasn’t surprised when I checked out Chris Taylor and saw my name ranked 3,200th out of more than 34 million unique full names. I was pretty sure there was one name that could beat it, but Andrew Davis comes in at 4,303. If I go with my given name of Christopher Taylor, I fall behind. There’s probably some data that could be better consolidated there, since phone records don’t necessarily reflect people’s given names. And my middle/nickname Chase Taylor is even less common.

Some other interesting names and tidbits…

  • Marshal places pretty well as a first name, right in between “Homes” and “Mustafa”. That’s some good company.
  • Surprisingly, the last name Funk is even more common.
  • The last name Qwerty is unfortunate, and tied on the list with the million some-odd single occurrences of last names in the data.
  • There are only 5 Arcelaschi‘s listed in the country. 4 in CT, 1 of which looks like a dupe at an old address, and 1 in Massachusetts.

And how many more of you are there in the country (with landline phone numbers)?

455 First names of Skyler
118 Last names of Litwack
109 Shannon Carter
64 Michael Ellsworth
45 Charles Carlin
42 Dan Savage
17 Andrew McClain
11 Alex Shepard
10 Chris Fairbanks
9 Adam Kenney
4 Antonia Bruno
4 Dan Reade
2 Veronica Mars

2 thoughts on “How common is your name?

  1. The Admiral

    wow, you know i’ve never googled myself… or at least, i haven’t in quite some time… and i just did yesterday for some reason. funny that you were simultaneously using me as an example!

    and now my mind is racing with other names i’m dying to research… but i looked at andy’s comment and rebel snodgrass is just taking over my brain.


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