And a Little More Halloween

I finished up this year’s Halloween season with one more party last night. There were some Katamari Damacy characters, some creepy cross-dressing, the Dude from Big Lebowski, and a Jack in the Box “Jack” with papier mache head (there was one at our company party too). And of course there were a fair number of sexy costumes.

When I was starting to visit the costume and thrift stores to figure out my costume this year, what I found most amusing were the “instant” kits for various costumes. You can see a few instant costume kits here. “Instant Hippie” is a headband, peace sign necklace and Lennon sunglasses. “Instant Rapper” (yes, I purchased one) is a $ sign ring, #1 bling necklace and fake gold teeth. Who knew it was so easy to become a rapper! And of course there were the various Instant Pirate Kits that included assorted combinations of hats, hooks, eyepatches, and bandanas. The definitions of “cliche” are, “the idea expressed by a trite phrase or expression” or, “something that has become overly familiar or commonplace”. I find it amazing that we can boil down a character idea, or an entire genre into 3 simple accessories. Maybe that’s the new definition of cliche. If you can create an “Instant ___ Kit” for it, with 3 over-priced “Made in China” accessories, than your idea has truly become “overly familiar or commonplace.”

And lastly, I leave you with one more photo from our company Halloween party. I bet you didn’t know Flavor Flav was teaming up with U2…

Flavor Flav with Bono and the Edge

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