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Seattle Don’t Know Snow

SnowflakeAlthough the Seahawks pulled off a great victory Monday night on a snow-covered field (yes, that game really took place in Seattle, and not Greenbay), it is otherwise clear that Seattle just doesn’t know snow or cold weather. Our first snow appeared late Sunday for a few hours, but nothing stuck around. The forecast for Monday called for snow or sleet late in the evening, or early in the night. What came down at 5:00PM, was a bit earlier than they predicted, and it was a weird freezing rain, with very large round balls rather than flakes (almost like a light hail). But it was still warm enough outside (at least in the city) that the roads were just wet. But alas, Seattle-ites don’t even know how to drive in rainy conditions, let alone a mix of colder wet stuff. Add in the factor of early Seahawks traffic for the downtown home game and the recipe was there for disaster. A few stories of commutes I heard were: 1 1/2 hours from downtown Seattle to Greenwood by car (normally 15-20 minutes), 1 1/2 hours from downtown to Magnolia by bus (normally 20 minutes), 4 hours from Kirkland to Seattle by bus (normally 1 hour), 4 hours from Sea-Tac Airport by shuttle and bus (normally 30 minutes), 4 1/2 hours from Seattle to Tacoma (normally 45 minutes).

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The Things Kids Say

After a little surprise snowstorm last night (more on that soon) all of the schools in the city were shut down today. One of my coworkers was taking care of his 5 year old daughter this afternoon at work, which provided some fun entertainment. On her way out around 4:00, she loudly proclaimed over her shoulder:

“See you later, alligator! After a while… allig- …gile!”

She nailed it. See you later, croco-gator!

The Two Dollar Homepage is for Sale Again!

It has been a year since the Two Dollar Homepage was started, and that means it’s time to sell again! For just $2, you can get a full year of exposure on the Two Dollar Homepage, promoting whatever you’d like. That’s much cheaper than the alternative, if it were even still available. And the best part is that it’s just you on the page! No sharing the real estate, and your $2 gets you a full 500×500 pixels (that’s 250,000 pixels!) instead of a measly block of 100 little pixels.

First come, first serve… If you want to buy the Two Dollar Homepage for the next year, just write to:
contact [at] twodollarhomepage [dot] com

Celebrating Centenarians

You might remember that a certain relative of mine (my father’s godfather, and distant cousin), Ed Rondthaler is a 100+ year-old. Well, Genworth Financial has started running a new ad campaign celebrating the lives of centenarians, and the featured 101 year-old is none other than Ed Rondthaler himself. I’ve seen the spot during Monday night football, and it’s running on both the East and West coast, if not the whole country. You can also view the ad yourself by following these steps:

  1. Head to:
  2. Skip the intro.
  3. Click on “The Genworth Story” book at the bottom.
  4. Click on “See our centenarian advertising campaign” at the bottom of the first page.
  5. Click on the third television ad thumbnail (the guy with the beard).
  6. There he is!

It’s great hearing his voice (it’s been years since I’ve seen him), seeing him use a computer, and I still have fond memories of that powerful laugh of his. Here’s hoping I live to be 101 years-old and beyond!

How common is your name?

Have you ever wondered how common the name, Jed Scattergood is? No? Well, it ain’t too common. only knows of 1 person with that name. Although the last name Scattergood is actually more common than I would have guessed. It’s more common than Lovendale, Dalasta, Drott, Favuzza, Langager, and nearly as common as Salway. Scattergood is just above the last name “Mittelsteadt” and there 138 Scattergoods listed in the country.

I wasn’t surprised when I checked out Chris Taylor and saw my name ranked 3,200th out of more than 34 million unique full names. I was pretty sure there was one name that could beat it, but Andrew Davis comes in at 4,303. If I go with my given name of Christopher Taylor, I fall behind. There’s probably some data that could be better consolidated there, since phone records don’t necessarily reflect people’s given names. And my middle/nickname Chase Taylor is even less common.

Some other interesting names and tidbits…

  • Marshal places pretty well as a first name, right in between “Homes” and “Mustafa”. That’s some good company.
  • Surprisingly, the last name Funk is even more common.
  • The last name Qwerty is unfortunate, and tied on the list with the million some-odd single occurrences of last names in the data.
  • There are only 5 Arcelaschi‘s listed in the country. 4 in CT, 1 of which looks like a dupe at an old address, and 1 in Massachusetts.

And how many more of you are there in the country (with landline phone numbers)?

455 First names of Skyler
118 Last names of Litwack
109 Shannon Carter
64 Michael Ellsworth
45 Charles Carlin
42 Dan Savage
17 Andrew McClain
11 Alex Shepard
10 Chris Fairbanks
9 Adam Kenney
4 Antonia Bruno
4 Dan Reade
2 Veronica Mars

And a Little More Halloween

I finished up this year’s Halloween season with one more party last night. There were some Katamari Damacy characters, some creepy cross-dressing, the Dude from Big Lebowski, and a Jack in the Box “Jack” with papier mache head (there was one at our company party too). And of course there were a fair number of sexy costumes.

When I was starting to visit the costume and thrift stores to figure out my costume this year, what I found most amusing were the “instant” kits for various costumes. You can see a few instant costume kits here. “Instant Hippie” is a headband, peace sign necklace and Lennon sunglasses. “Instant Rapper” (yes, I purchased one) is a $ sign ring, #1 bling necklace and fake gold teeth. Who knew it was so easy to become a rapper! And of course there were the various Instant Pirate Kits that included assorted combinations of hats, hooks, eyepatches, and bandanas. The definitions of “cliche” are, “the idea expressed by a trite phrase or expression” or, “something that has become overly familiar or commonplace”. I find it amazing that we can boil down a character idea, or an entire genre into 3 simple accessories. Maybe that’s the new definition of cliche. If you can create an “Instant ___ Kit” for it, with 3 over-priced “Made in China” accessories, than your idea has truly become “overly familiar or commonplace.”

And lastly, I leave you with one more photo from our company Halloween party. I bet you didn’t know Flavor Flav was teaming up with U2…

Flavor Flav with Bono and the Edge