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links for 2006-12-01

I’m blogging “I have been blogging the sh*t out of my morning…” (YouTube) (tags: humor blogging video blog youtube) Wing Commander – Privateer Remake Sourceforge project of one of my all-time favorite games. There’s even a Mac version! (tags: games gaming mac privateer software)

Seattle Don’t Know Snow

Although the Seahawks pulled off a great victory Monday night on a snow-covered field (yes, that game really took place in Seattle, and not Greenbay), it is otherwise clear that Seattle just doesn’t know snow or cold weather. Our first snow appeared late Sunday for a few hours, but nothing stuck around. The forecast for […]

links for 2006-11-29

Steven Colbert plays the Wii (YouTube) (tags: video humor colbert nintendo wii games) Young@Heart sing ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay I find this song much less annoying now. Quite a moving performance. (YouTube) (tags: youtube music video coldplay)

The Things Kids Say

After a little surprise snowstorm last night (more on that soon) all of the schools in the city were shut down today. One of my coworkers was taking care of his 5 year old daughter this afternoon at work, which provided some fun entertainment. On her way out around 4:00, she loudly proclaimed over her […]

Marketing Connections

A little Seattle Guerilla Marketing plug for you. Enjoy! They’re doing some great stuff like, Dumb Eyes, Metal Eyes, and Magnet Eyes.

links for 2006-11-21

The New Yorker Thanksgiving Illustrations 4 different covers and 1 comic by Chris Ware (tags: art comics design illustration newyorker magazine chrisware) Zodiac Trailer David Fincher’s next film on the Northern California Zodiac serial killer. (tags: movie film trailer fincher) Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – Teaser Trailer I better get around […]

The Two Dollar Homepage is for Sale Again!

It has been a year since the Two Dollar Homepage was started, and that means it’s time to sell again! For just $2, you can get a full year of exposure on the Two Dollar Homepage, promoting whatever you’d like. That’s much cheaper than the alternative, if it were even still available. And the best […]

links for 2006-11-16

In Nintendo’s “Duck Hunt,” how does the TV know when you’ve hit a duck? (tags: nintendo games gaming technology) Ruthless enough for a startup? Good blog post on how many of the big-player Web 2.0 startups began with some less-than-honorable initiatives. (tags: business startup web2.0)

links for 2006-11-14

Amateur – Lasse Gjertsen The guy who did the crazy-edited “Hyperactive” beatbox on YouTube brings his style to a drumset and piano. (YouTube) (tags: video music editing youtube)

Celebrating Centenarians

You might remember that a certain relative of mine (my father’s godfather, and distant cousin), Ed Rondthaler is a 100+ year-old. Well, Genworth Financial has started running a new ad campaign celebrating the lives of centenarians, and the featured 101 year-old is none other than Ed Rondthaler himself. I’ve seen the spot during Monday night […]

links for 2006-11-10

Best Photo Ever So long, Santorum. (tags: santorum politics photo humor) Trailer: Reno 911 The Movie (Quicktime) (tags: movie trailer reno911 humor) Over-Competitive Lance Armstrong Challenges Cancer To Rematch From The Onion, of course. (tags: theonion humor armstrong onion)

Best Free Lesbian Nudity Show Poster Ever?

A show at Capitol Hill Arts Center, Lower Level tomorrow, Thursday, 11/9. The bands are Lesbian, and Nudity. The show is free. Why, what were you expecting?

links for 2006-11-08

Grand Theft Mario Mario and Luigi happen upon Vice City during a drive. From Robot Chicken on Adult Swim. (YouTube) (tags: humor video mario animation parody)

How common is your name?

Have you ever wondered how common the name, Jed Scattergood is? No? Well, it ain’t too common. only knows of 1 person with that name. Although the last name Scattergood is actually more common than I would have guessed. It’s more common than Lovendale, Dalasta, Drott, Favuzza, Langager, and nearly as common as Salway. […]

And a Little More Halloween

I finished up this year’s Halloween season with one more party last night. There were some Katamari Damacy characters, some creepy cross-dressing, the Dude from Big Lebowski, and a Jack in the Box “Jack” with papier mache head (there was one at our company party too). And of course there were a fair number of […]