Revelant is not a word

Main Entry: rev-e-lant
Pronunciation: re-vuh-luhnt
Function: Nothing, aside from making you sound dumb.
1a. I think you mean to say “relevant” especially since that’s what I just said to you, and it is the topic we’re discussing… 1b. Idiot
2. Oh no, you’re continuing to say “revelant” over and over again in this conversation, going on for 20 minutes. Does it sound correct to you? How are you not noticing? 2b. OK, I just said the correct word again. Maybe you noticed.
3. I give up.

The word you want is: relevant. It has some interesting etymology too. From the Latin relevare, related to “relieve” and “lever” meaning, “to raise up”.

A possible imaginary definition for “revelant” might be something like:
Adj. 1. Posessing the qualities of reveling or merriment

But that’s a stretch. 1 million Google results for “revelant” at least indicates that’s it’s a somewhat common mistake.

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