King of the Strings

It’s time for a search string roundup from the past 3 months. There’s some exciting news to report. Starting in August, I officially have a new string at the top of my list, bringing folk to my site from search engines across the world. The “King of the Strings” is no longer “incredibles porn” but now, “bowling team names“. I mentioned it back in April, when it first started climbing and it kept going. In September I had more than 600 hits for the new string. And of course there’s the usual batch of puzzles, silliness, and amusement…

bear beach – So that’s where they go in the winter
ed rondthaler – I’m getting quite a few hits each month for this great uncle of mine. I need to write him a letter.
can a keytar and keyboard be in the same band – Heck yeah!
good and bad things about eating yogurt
imhotep is invisible problem – Darn pesky Imhotep
snot guns
area code coolness comparison – My area code is better than yours
close-up breast video -xxx -adult -disease -scar -infest -cancer – So, what kind of close-up breast video are you looking for?
emotional design in restaurants restaurants emotional design – Search engines appreciate a little repetition to help them along.
flashing lights on school buses bug me – More than running over little kids?
kid with a fork – Perhaps you’re looking for the Urban Matador
jokes mourning
the most resonation shooting in a school – Huh? Not only is it an insensitive question, but your grammar’s broke.
reptiles and amphetamines – What a great string. It’s actually the name of a nearby climbing route.

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