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links for 2006-10-31

Flickr: The Pisa pushers Pool Wrong-angle photographs of tourists posing as if they’re pusing up the leaning tower of Pisa. (tags: photos humor flickr)

links for 2006-10-28

830! How a carpenter got the highest Scrabble score ever. Including a single word that netted 365 points. Impressive. (tags: scrabble news games record) Six Feet Under – Claire’s Artwork (tags: art photography television sixfeetunder hbo)

links for 2006-10-27

Data set of Geocoordinates for Wikipedia entries (tags: data information wikipedia mapping geo)

Revelant is not a word

Revelant Main Entry: rev-e-lant Pronunciation: re-vuh-luhnt Function: Nothing, aside from making you sound dumb. 1a. I think you mean to say “relevant” especially since that’s what I just said to you, and it is the topic we’re discussing… 1b. Idiot 2. Oh no, you’re continuing to say “revelant” over and over again in this conversation, […]

links for 2006-10-24

ndsvisuals Controlling real-time video effects with a Nintendo DS (tags: video visualization vj effects)

links for 2006-10-23

Pan’s Labyrinth – Trailer Beautiful new full trailier for Guillermo del Toro’s next film. (Quicktime) (tags: film movie trailer video) The Good German – Trailer Steven Soderbergh takes on black and white. (tags: film movie trailer video soderbergh)

The More You Know You Betcha Don’t Know

Remember those awesome NBC Public Service Announcements between Saturday morning cartoons, or the after school kids shows? The ones that always had that upbeat jingle at the end and the flying star trailing a rainbow. 30 second gems of wisdom, summed up with, “The More You Know”. Well, thanks to the wonders of the Internet […]

links for 2006-10-18

Sony Bravia – Paint New advertisement for the Sony Bravia. Not quite the San Francisco bouncy-balls, but still impressive. (Quicktime) (tags: advertisement video advertising commercial sony marketing)

links for 2006-10-16

David Blaine Street Magic: YouTube Edition! Hilarious parody of David Blaine style “street magic” (tags: humor parody video youtube) Carlton Draught Advertisement It’s a big ad. (YouTube) (tags: advertising video commercial)

links for 2006-10-14

Oh Shit! It’s Dr. Tran! Great animation short from a while ago. (Not completely safe for work: language.) (YouTube) (tags: humor animation video drtran)

Microsoft Word Spelling Suggestions for “Blog”

Bog Bloc Blot Blob Blow

links for 2006-10-12

Youtubers Great video tribute to the YouTube community. It’s amazing seeing how people have embraced the “video blog” in so many different ways. (YouTube) (tags: video blog blogging media youtube) Grind House Trailer Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez go absolutely crazy. (YouTube) (tags: film trailer tarantino movies)

Portland Cops

Crazy story from a couple years ago about a couple Portland cops, Grant Bailey and Craig Hampton, and a police cover-up of a felony assault.

links for 2006-10-07

Reviving a Goldfish Somewhat painful to watch, but worth the wait. (Quicktime) (tags: goldfish video) World of Warcraft Meets South Park Watch the complete episode (Flash video) (tags: humor southpark video warcraft games) What Exactly Is President Bush’s Job? Great bit from last night’s Daily Show. Starts at about 4:30, although the rest is quite […]

Personal Finance and Money Blogs

I’ve never been great at saving or managing my money. But in the past couple years I’ve finally settled into a decent job where I’m no longer living month to month, and I have a bit of money to set aside. Last Christmas my father gave me a book titled, The Lazy Person’s Guide to […]