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  1. Regarding the “‘Loan consolidation’ clear winner” link

    His analysis is WAY wrong. with google, it’s impossible to say what a cpc is for a keyword becuase the cpc varies by advertiser. If a site that is very appropriate for that search term (meaning they get a high CTR and have a history of good performance for that keyword) was bidding for loan consolidation they would probably pay under $3 and definitely not $60. If a new advertiser that has a site or blog that is not about loan consolidation at all tries to bid on this as a new keyword they will get a completely different price. that cpc can even vary depending on what adgroup or campaign you put it in. it’s called quality scoring – yahoo is moving to that type of system soon and msn already has.

    but yes, a clever attempt at getting high-priced adsense ads though.

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