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Days keep on truckin’

What a busy couple weeks. Work-wise, two of my big projects are coming close to release, and at the same time I’m tag-teaming a big spec for another hefty project to get out by the end of the year (99.9% finished today!). This annoying little critter had been keeping us entertained for a while, until […]

links for 2006-08-07

Video about Bump-keying The mechanical lock has been hacked. (tags: security video lock hardware hack news)

links for 2006-08-05

OK Go – Here It Goes Again Fun music video with some creative treadmill choreography (YouTube) (tags: music video youtube dance) Revolving Fish Bowl Have your little fishy swim forever (tags: design fishbowl) Jackass Number Two The Jackass crew takes a number 2 on America. (tags: jackass video movie film humor)

links for 2006-08-04

Alien Assault Traders Like the old BBS classic Trade Wars, but web-based. Ah, the good ‘ol (geeky) days. (tags: web games bbs gaming) Coudal Partners responds to’s Subway video Great “viral” video response from Coudal. I wonder if they’ll win the Subway deal? (tags: advertising humor coudal subway video)

links for 2006-08-02

Samuel L. Jackson is… Afro Samurai Slick style and music by RZA. Where the heck did this come from? (tags: animation anime movies video samurai) Lego Advertising Beautiful, simple Lego advertisements. I want a poster. (tags: lego advertising design)