Digital Photos With a Broken CCD

I picked up my old pocket-sized Canon Powershot S230 the other day to take along with me, but when I turned it on I noticed it wasn’t exactly producing the photos it used to. I fiddled with the battery, memory card and various settings for a few minutes without any luck. The playback mode worked fine, but it appeard the CCD, which generates the live LCD preview as well as the photos, was on the fritz. I took a few shots and kinda liked the trippy, purple-hued results. Here’s my broken CCD photoset on Flickr.

The camera also still records the video signal generated from the sensor, so I can shoot my own purple static interference pattern footage. Here’s a sample video feed (2mb, Quicktime). I believe I was panning the skyline in the shot. Can’t you tell?

I’ve had the trusty camera for 4 years and I’ve brought it along with me on many trips, and late-night stumbles around town. It’s been dropped and banged and always continued to work great up until now. On closer inspection, I noticed the left side of the camera body was missing nearly all of it’s screws to hold it together. The metal housing is a bit loose and can shift around. This may be one of the many things that contributed to it’s demise.

At some point I’m sure I’ll get another little portable camera to replace it, but for now I’ve got an interesting new toy. You shall no longer be called Digital Elph. I name you… Purple Haze

One thought on “Digital Photos With a Broken CCD

  1. Gary

    Hey there, I came across your blog looking for pictures of failed CCDs, and thought I’d inform you that your Powershot did not fail because of any of the reasons you mentioned, but because of a manufacturers error in the creating of the CCDs. Long story short you’re entitled to a free repair if you’ve kept the camera! Contact Canon ASAP!


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